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These articles are selected personally by the Artful Dilettante.  They are not for the politically uninspired nor faint of heart.  They are guaranteed to appeal to those who are practiced in the art of critical thinking.

May 1, 2016
The Cult of Central Banking is Dead in the Water
David Stockman, Contra Corner
Savior Complex: Paving the Road to Hell
Chris Campbell, Laissez Faire

May 2, 2016
How Brexit Could Help All of Europe
Ferghane Azihari, Mises Institute
Fermat: The New Face of Free Markets
Chris Campbell, Laissez Faire
“Reason” is Now an Obscene Word at College Campuses
Michael J. Hurd,

May 3, 2016
The Biggest Racket in the Universe
Chris Campbell, Laissez Faire
Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution
Martin Luther King (1965), Rutherford Institute
How I Became a Libertarian and Austrian Economist
Richard M. Ebeling, FFF

May 4, 2016
Progressives, Left and Right
Jeff Deist, Mises Institute
Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist, Transgender is a Mental Disorder
Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews

May 5, 2016
Evil is Weak
Paul Rosenberg, Freeman’s Perspective
How Brexit Presents a Roadblock to the EU-US Establishment
Brendan Brown, Mises Institute
The Lost Art of Self-Reliance
Chris Campbell, Laissez Faire

May 6, 2016
How the Kleptocrats $12 Trillion Heist Helps Keep Most of the World Impoverished
David Cay Johnson, Daily Beast
Free Markets Do Not Need Negative Interest Rates
Louis Rouanet, Mises Institute

May 7, 2016
Libertarian Party Platform
The Closed Mind of a Socialist Academia: Privatizing the “Public Schools”

for Better Education
Richard M. Ebeling, Capitalism Magazine
How to Be Politically Incorrect
Chris Campbell, Laissez Faire

Learning Locke: An Introduction to Cato’s Letters
Rodney Dodsworth, Article V Blog
The Green War Against the Working Class
Stephen Moore, The Daily Signal
Trumped: Why it Happened and What Comes Next, Part 1
David Stockman, Contra Corner

May 9, 2016
Public Servants: Who is Serving Whom?
Matthew Bankert, Mises Institute
Trumped: Why It Happened and What Comes Next, Part II
David Stockman, Contra Corner
How Socialism Turned Oil-Rich Venezuela into a Basket Case
Kelly McParland, National Post

May 10, 2016
Dry Rot in Academia
Thomas Sowell, Creators Syndicate
The IMF’s Global Tug of War
Carmen Elena Dorobat, Mises Institute

May 11, 2016                                                                                         Stealing is No Longer a Crime in Italy if You’re Poor        Michael J. Hurd,

May 12, 2016                                                                                               The Government’s War on Affordable Housing

Ryan McMaken, Mises Institute


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