Is Biden Evil, or Merely a Puppet? He’s BOTH

Biden is the mouthpiece for rampant irrationality. He’s a puppet, and he’s just reading the lines he’s given, but — at least when he’s lucid — he’s undiluted evil. He’s an indication of just how great the evil we’re up against really is. This evil puts out Biden as its leader, someone who was a ridiculous buffoon even before he came down with dementia. It’s their way of saying, “We can do whatever we want to you — even with both hands tied behind our backs.”

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

What is an Individualist ?

An individualist is a man who recognizes the inalienable individual rights of man—his own and those of others.

An individualist is a man who says: “I will not run anyone’s life—nor let anyone run mine. I will not rule nor be ruled. I will not be a master nor a slave. I will not sacrifice myself to anyone—nor sacrifice anyone to myself.”

— Ayn Rand, author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged

Trump Americans Need Their Own Party

Tucker Carlson’s interview with former Republican US Representative Steve King explains how Washington really works, and it is not according to campaign slogans.

The interview will help Trump Americans understand that no representation of them is coming from the Republican Party, not on immigration or anything else. Trump himself was easily rolled by the Establishment. Trump had no idea what he was up against and no staff able to clue him in and help him deal with it. The Republican Establishment supported the lie that the 2020 presidential election was free of vote fraud and accepted the election fraud as the price of getting rid of Trump. Do not confuse Trump supporters with the Republican Party. They stand for different things. Kevin McCarthy will be a worse Speaker of the House for Trump Supporters than Nancy Pelosi.

Trump supporters have no future in the Republican Party, which is cemented to the Establishment. Trump supporters need to withdraw in mass and form a new party. It is time for the Republican Party to be discarded. Instead of trying to operate within the Republican Party, Trump should offer his supporters a new party. If they don’t follow him, they will have sealed their own doom.

Both Tucker Carlson and Steve King missed the real reason US Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House, helped the New York Times frame US Rep. King, a principled conservative, as a racist. It wasn’t the three or four words that the presstitutes took out of context and used to concoct a “white supremacist” issue. It was Rep. King’s defense of Western civilization. Western civilization is white civilization. To defend it is to defend white people. To defend white people, whom the New York Times 1619 Project labels racist, is racist. Therefore Rep. King is a racist because he defends Western civilization.

This shows the deadly damage that has been inflicted on Western civilization by its own intellectuals, media, universities and schools, and politicians of both parties. We have reached the point that we cannot defend our own civilization, our own existence, without being demonized. Such a civilization is dead, a subject for archaeologists.

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America is a Constitutional Republic

“The ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty. In this century, great strides have been made toward the goal of subverting our republic, and transforming it into a democracy. The foremost tactic of the subverters is subversion of “language” — by calling America a democracy, until people thoughtlessly accept the term, and use the term. Totalitarians have obscured the real meanings and principles of American government.” ~ Dan Smoot 

Notice that Benjamin Franklin did NOT say “a democracy if you can keep it”. He said, famously, “a REPUBLIC if you can keep it“.

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Notice the song is NOT called “Battle Hymn of the Democracy”. It’s called “Battle Hymn of the REPUBLIC”.

Embarrassingly, many Republicans, even some good ones, fall into the trap of calling the United States a “democracy.” They should immediately stop.

Before you Support DeSantis…

Don’t get me wrong. DeSantis is fantastic.

But the fact remains: He will not win nationally so long as there is mail-in voting and other easy means of fraud for Democrats. We are not merely dealing with partisans who will step aside if they lose.

We are dealing with sociopaths, utter tyrants who are capable of literally anything in order to hold power. They destroyed Trump and he’s on the path to jail. Do you seriously think DeSantis will fare any better?

We are at war. If we keep acting like it’s just electoral politics while they rip our Constitution to shreds and laugh about it, we will not win this war.

We are up against monsters who will do untold, probably irreparable damage to our economy and our freedom long before DeSantis even has a chance to run–and certainly lose under the present rigged system of subjective voting controlled by one party.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Life Has Risk

“Even as a youngster, though, I could not bring myself to believe that if knowledge presented danger, the solution was ignorance. To me, it always seemed that the solution had to be wisdom. You did not refuse to look at danger, rather you learned how to handle it safely.

After all, this has been the human challenge since a certain group of primates became human in the first place. Any technological advance can be dangerous. Fire was dangerous from the start, and so (even more so) was speech — and both are still dangerous to this day — but human beings would not be human without them.”

— Isaac Asimov

America is Dead. Long Live America.

Under a limited government republic (the way America started out), there’s little reason to discuss politics. The government handles only a few things, and its members are citizen-legislators, not career politicians who make billions off the public and stay in office for 5, 6 or even 7 decades.

Under a tyranny, there’s only one party in charge. Nominally, there may be two parties (let’s call them Republicans and Democrats), but in reality there’s only one policy: control every last activity of each and every member of the country. The two parties merely fight over the particulars and the personalities. In principle, they hold the rights of the state as above the rights of the people.

Under tyranny, it makes no more sense to discuss politics than it does to discuss politics under a limited government run by citizen-legislators. Nothing is seriously debated and nothing is going to change. Now isn’t the time to pay attention to what Mitch McConnell is doing or what Nancy Pelosi is feeling. These creatures have lost whatever humanity they once may have had. They are parasites holding unearned power over others. They are like heroin addicts who almost cannot stop themselves; they are too far gone, and they’re living under the delusion (reinforced by well-funded echo chambers) that what they do matters. What goes on in their crappy existences amounts to little more than palace intrigue — perhaps, in part, designed to keep the peasants preoccupied so they won’t notice the willful and outright destruction of life as we’ve known it through inflation, dangerous and unnecessary wars, brainwashing of children in state-run schools, and progressive nationalization of the economy.

The only thing to discuss now are the real issues, and the deeper ones: What’s human nature, why do we even need a government at all and, if we do, then what should the functions and limits of that government be?

The American republic was a grand experiment. It functioned for over 200 years, with declining efficiency over the generations as the principles of the Constitution were gradually violated. The Bill of Rights generated the first civilization in all of human history to uphold the rights of the individual as sovereign above all else. It started on the premise that government serves the people, and not the other way around.

We must be honest. That experiment ultimately failed. It’s not a sign of despair to state this fact. On the contrary, the American republic gave us a tantalizing glimpse into all that was possible. Human beings are just getting started! But this particular chapter has closed. It’s time to give up on the rotten cancer that sits where the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and Reagan once sat. That freak show sitting in the Oval Office should not even be granted the seriousness of opposition, past a certain point. It’s over now. But don’t despair. In accepting the truth, you’re free to start over with something bigger and better than before. That’s how life works.

Forget the palace intrigue. Look at this picture of Mitch McConnell. He’s part of the ash heap of history. But as for liberty and individual rights? Their power is only beginning to be discovered, and appreciated … at first, in their absence, because America will be the first civilization in history to lose them. The gulags, the political prison camps, the prolonged economic despair brought about by reckless spending, inflation, taxation and regulation (they are coming, in some form) will hit Americans harder, because there’s no precedent for such monstrosities here.

Yet: The story of America will never be forgotten. Freedom will rise again, because you can’t quash the truth … not a truth this powerful.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Why Republicans Never Had a Prayer in the 2022 Election (or 2020)

For the past two years, every Republican should have been either attempting to beat back the flood of “no excuse” mail-in ballots saturating swing states, or building up a party network that could adapt to it. There were some efforts to manage the mail-in voting problem in Arizona and Georgia but otherwise the party said its prayers and hoped for the best heading into the midterms.

We see how that strategy turned out. Democrats once again turned on the ignition and their army of activists began knocking on doors and dialing up their reliable voters to be sure that every single one of them knew the time to vote was now. Whether it was three weeks or a month before actual Election Day, it didn’t matter. Now. In response, Republicans donned a toothy smile and told their voters to keep Tuesday open. Wait in line— no matter how long it takes.

True, Republicans tend to be a lot more motivated than Democrats to vote in a non-presidential campaign year. They’re happy to drive to the booth and wait their turn. But the new reality is that elections are happening for weeks before the designated day for official in-person voting. That’s a lot of time for dedicated activists to call or visit the homes of their voters, no matter how unmotivated they are, and tell them that they don’t have to wait at all. They can cast their ballot right now. Want me to do it for you?!

[From The Federalist]