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We always have our finger on the pulse at The Artful Dilettante.  We are dispassionate, keenly perceptive, and yes, somewhat cynical observers of human events.  We are at once above the din and in the fray. We have a nuanced understanding of our political system and the criminals and reprobates who run it. We never accept anything at face value, especially the pronouncements of those in power and the echoes of their dutiful, fawning bottom-dwellers in the media and university faculty lounges. We know that people often aren’t who they say they are, and that things aren’t always as they appear to be.  We fully agree with the notion that there are no accidents in politics. We reflexively assume that every politician is either lying or stupid, and that the vast majority of the American people can be trusted with a deadly weapon but not the right to vote.   We fully agree with the words of Jefferson: “The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.”  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are yours by birthright, not permission.  They can be taken away, but never granted.

We promise never to be fair and balanced but to tell the unvarnished truth.  Fair and balanced just means you’re telling the truth half the time.  We promise to challenge the prevailing wisdom while honoring the universal, timeless truths of our forebears. Lastly, we promise to aggressively promote our vision of a just and peaceful society based on the application of reason to the challenges of life on earth.  

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Guillotine the Rich

James O’Keefe has dropped another hidden camera video that caught another Bernie Sanders campaign staffer advocating for violence, destroying the American system of government, assassinating the rich, and putting Republicans in gulags. Martin Weissgerber is a paid field organizer for the Bernie campaign. He is the second field organizer that O’Keefe has exposed as a communist moron who wants to kill Americans and destroy capitalism and our Republic.

…On top of that horrifying thought, Weissgerber wants Bernie Sanders to have full control over the country without those pesky other branches of government like the judiciary or the legislative branch. He wants to dissolve those. “Do we just cease, do we just dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, the Judicial Branch, and have somebody like Bernie Sanders and a cabinet of people make all the decisions for the climate? I mean, I’m serious,” he says, waving his hands. “What will help us is when we send all the Republicans to the ‘re-education’ camps,” he continued, using sarcastic air quotes for “re-education camps.” [from PJ Media]

So THIS is pretty close to the mainstream of the Democratic Party now. Is this what ordinary Democrat voters really want? I think a lot of them do. I base my assertion on (1) their silence, and (2) the fact that Sanders is consistently in the top 1-3 picks for Democrats as their presidential candidate.

What fuels their hatred? Why do they want to destroy others — for their success, no less? Why can’t they co-exist with people who make more money than they do? Why can’t they have rational discussions with people about the climate, using facts and persuasion, rather than dogmatic assertions laced with intimidating threats and now the threat of political prison camps?

We won’t find a rational explanation. Most insanity is caused by false beliefs. The Sanders supporters have a lot of false beliefs. These beliefs include the “zero sum” idea. It’s an irrational belief that YOUR achievement, success or good fortune — by definition — causes ME to have less achievement, success or good fortune.

It’s the basis for envy. The fact that YOU are doing well has eliminated any similar hope of MY doing well. You “took” something that’s not yours; and so now, I must lose.

I have encountered some socialist-leaning snowflakes in my travels. I take the opportunity to examine how they think. Generally speaking, you’re talking about people who don’t believe they can or will achieve anything in life. They lack confidence — not just in themselves, but in life itself.

This lack of confidence in life and self manifests as mistrust of/hatred for “the system”. To them, the system is capitalism; and socialism (in some form) is the only possible antidote.

I argued with a young man I used to know about socialism. “I am not a socialist”, he kept insisting. “I am a moderate”. I asked where he stood on minimum wage. As high as possible, he said — higher than $15 an hour. I asked what he thought of the calls for 70 or 90 percent tax rates. He said we should consider them, and taxes should definitely be far higher. Climate change? Well, you can’t trust industry, that’s for sure. Medicare for all, free college? Of course … what are you, a savage? When I pointed out the inconsistency between his positions and his claims of not wanting socialism, he could only reply that I didn’t understand “young people”. Another product of our Common Core government-run school system — itself a socialist enterprise.

They blame everything on capitalism. If ONLY we could have a government of angels in charge of making everything right, then all would be well. It’s beyond a fantasy. It’s a dangerous delusion. Millions have perished for this delusion over the centuries. In the 20th century, the worst examples were National Socialism and Communism. Need I say more?

The delusion is ALWAYS the same. It’s based on the zero-sum fallacy. And it’s fueled by hatred, envy, and a lack of confidence in self and life.

Millions of young people — as well as many older ones — are ripe for the kind of dictatorship Sanders and his henchmen openly endorse with increasing candor.

Will voters on the Democratic side ever wake up? And when or if they do, will it be too late for America?I

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