Guns and Health Insurance

Liberals are staunch promoters of mandatory, single-payer health-care insurance.  Yet, they are firmly opposed to the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.  This is complete hypocrisy.

The first line of defense of your life is not health insurance.  It is the right to keep and bear arms.  Nothing quite protects the health and well-being of you and your family like “packing heat.”  It is the first line of defense in insuring the health of you and your family.  Health insurance is all well and good, but it won’t stop a stark-raving lunatic from harming you and yours in a fit of violent rage.
If someone invades my home and threatens my family, what good is a health insurance plan?  Even a so-called Cadillac Plan would be worthless under the circumstances.  Imagine telling your intruder, “Wait a minute, you can’t hurt me, I have Obamacare.”  And the intruder, of course, responds, “Not so fast chump, before I leave, I wanna see your insurance card.”
Liberals are hypocrites in the extreme.  They are pro-choice only about abortion and military service.  Gun ownership ?  Nope.  Education ?  Nope.  Health insurance ? Nope.  Voluntary retirement funding ?  Nope.  And on and on.
If liberals had been consistent when cobbling together Obamacare, they would’ve made mandatory gun ownership part of the plan.


Death by Government, by R. J. Rummel, is an excellent article and book I highly recommend for gun-control fanatics, Second Amendment opponents, and those who’ve completely misunderstood the Parkland tragedy and recent mass shootings. As well as us normal people.

The statistics are overwhelming. Through all of recorded history, mass murder by government far exceeds all of the murders perpetrated by individual citizens or so-called organized crime gangs. Turns out, the government is the ultimate organized crime gang. In this century alone, if one tallies up the victims of the Holocaust, Stalin’s forced starvation of Ukraine, the mass murders of the Khmer Rouge, the 76 million victims of Mao’s many campaigns to cleanse the People’s Republic of his enemies, we’re pushing nearly 150 million victims. The murders perpetrated by the likes of the Mafia, assorted gangs, and individual actors don’t even claim 1% of the victims of government.

This is something I have never heard from any type of media, lame stream or alternate. Rummel’s book is, as far as I know, the only attempt to even address the subject. I strongly recommend everyone to read the book or at least the book summary I have posted.

Why Are Shootings Only at Government-Run Schools?

Why are shootings only at Public Schools ? Hmmm ?! Because it’s the government. They fail at EVERYTHING they declare war on ?

War on Poverty? Failure.

War on Terror ? Failure.

War on Drugs ? Failure.

War on Stupidity ? Failure.

War on Guns ? Soon to be a failure.

As the article, by Dr. Michael J. Hurd, so poignantly states, instead of having a War on Guns, we should be declaring a War on Public Schools. Obama frequently proposed having a “national debate or discussion” on whatever he or his marxist ass-kissers considered worthy of discussion. I don’t, however, recall him ever having suggested a national debate on the privitization of public schools.

I think it’s time we have one.