Reason # 1,725 Why Government-Run Schools Make Me Sick–by Michael J. Hurd

Students at an Ohio middle school were asked to decide who they would leave behind if the world was about to end, using age, religion and other descriptions as markers for their decisions.

The assignment sparked widespread uproar.

“Whom to Leave Behind” asked students at Roberts Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls to choose eight out of 12 people to put into a space ship and take to a different planet because the world was ending, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Choices included a homosexual pro athlete, a militant African-American medical student and a female movie star who was a victim of sexual assault. [Source: Fox News online]

Government-run schools do not exist to teach children how to think. They exist to teach children WHAT to think. And this ridiculous exercise serves as yet another example.

The purpose of the exercise is clear: To shame and moralize students who give the “wrong” answer.

A reader of mine wrote me the following:

Notice that the criteria for who gets ‘left behind’ doesn’t include a single word about the moral stature, virtues, or values of the individuals. Just what color they are, what their jobs are, or what their victim status is. Hm…Should we take the Papuan vegan lesbian who was recently raped?

Eloquently put!

That’s my main objection, too. Why are the distinguishing attributes of the people you’re asked to save demographic variables over which the person has no control? Who cares what the race, sexual orientation or sexual abuse status of the potential victims are?

Why rig the question in this way? If you’re going to ask the question at all, why not ask students what qualities they’d look for in deciding who to save? And if you’re going to rig the question, why not do so with rational and universal values rather than ones only important to leftist twits who inhabit Manhattan and San Francisco?

The question actually is rather sick. It implies that life is a zero-sum game where sooner or later, somebody will have to be sacrificed. That’s the leftist, “liberal”, collectivist and Communistic outlook on life. They have nothing to offer us. Only despair — from which they will conveniently rescue us, provided we give them unlimited funds and power.

Notice how there’s no room for another point-of-view–the uplifiting, individualistic and rational one that would put qualities such as character, intelligence and integrity on a much higher plane than sexual orientation and race.

We’ve got to get rid of government-run schools. At least in a free market for education, parents and students would have alternatives to this diabolical trash.

We’re destroying our civilization by indoctrinating the vast majority of kids in schools with the idiotic, shallow and illogical values and standards of progressives.

I say this in the most atheistic spirit imaginable: God help us all.

Is English Deteriorating?

The grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling in our country are nothing less than dreadful.  And our youth don’t have a monopoly on this.  It includes major media figures, political leaders, public spokespersons of major corporations, organizations, and the clergy.  Examples:

*  Its a beautiful thing.  Sorry—IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING.

*  We visited many country’s.  Sorry—WE VISITED MANY COUNTRIES.  Simple plural, no need for a possessive or apostrophe.

*  Attorney-Generals.   Sorry—it’s ATTORNEYS-GENERAL, just like MOTHERS-IN-LAW.

*  We’re going to visit the Stewart’s.  Sorry—WE’RE GOING TO VISIT THE STEWARTS.

This is but a small smattering of the grammatical errors I see and hear everyday in both print and spoken media.  The other night, a screen bullet on the Tucker Carlson Show, read “warrents” instead of “warrants.”  Tucker bears the ultimate responsibility for this.

I understand that our schools have for all intents and purposes dropped traditional English from their curricula.  The explanations given include, “There’s no point in wasting precious classtime on memorizing a bunch of “subjective human constructs.”  But of course, there’s plenty of time to waste on climate change, racism, misogyny, and transgender bathrooms.

Another common explanation is that English is “racist and serves to advance and undergird white privilege.”  Try telling that to Bill Cosby who, despite his alleged crimes and character flaws, had much to say about “black English,” including, “I cannot understand what these kids are saying.”  I’ll take it a step further, “I can’t understand what any of our kids are saying.”

And this isn’t a current development.  Twenty-five years ago, my wife and I hosted a German exchange student for an academic year.  He became a tutor in his English class !  Can you effing believe that?

The public school system is our national disgrace.  The taxpayers are paying $15,000 a pop to educate each of our kids.  The teachers’ unions should be horsewhipped.  And get this–so should the parents.  The schools are supposed to augment what our kids are taught at home by their parents and elder siblings.  My parents worked with me every evening, sometimes unpleasantly so, on my multiplication and division tables, flash cards (anyone remember them), reading, spelling, and so forth.  Our kids would be better off watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune every night than going to school.

Everyone has dropped the ball on this.  Take matters into your own hands.  Don’t wait for the government to educate you children.  They can’t find the doorknob or pour piss from a boot.

I understand we have far more pressing problems in this country than periods and commas.  But the deterioration of English and grammar is just another example of the overall breakdown of discipline in our country.  —Artful Dilettante


All quotes from Famous Last Words: The American Language Crisis ReconAllsidered, Harvey A. Daniels.

1.  The common language is disappearing. It is slowly being crushed to death under the weight of verbal conglomerate, a pseudospeech at once both pretentious and feeble, that is created daily by millions of blunders and inaccuracies in grammar, syntax, idiom, metaphor, logic, and common sense…. In the history of modern English there is no period in which such victory over thought-in-speech has been so widespread. Nor in the past has the general idiom, on which we depend for our very understanding of vital matters, been so seriously distorted.Recent graduates, including those with university degrees, seem to have no mastery of the language at all. They cannot construct a simple declarative sentence, either orally or in writing. They cannot spell common, everyday words. Punctuation is apparently no longer taught. Grammar is a complete mystery to almost all recent graduates.

2.  From every college in the country goes up the cry, “Our freshmen can’t spell, can’t punctuate.” Every high school is in disrepair because its pupils are so ignorant of the merest rudiments.

3.  The vocabularies of the majority of high-school pupils are amazingly small. I always try to use simple English, and yet I have talked to classes when quite a minority of the pupils did not comprehend more than half of what I said.

4. Unless the present progress of change [is] arrested…there can be no doubt that, in another century, the dialect of the Americans will become utterly unintelligible to an Englishman. Our language is degenerating very fast.


Decolonize, Abolish & Bend A Knee | Frontpage Mag

The Left is destroying our country, everything we’ve built and worked for, methodically organized and orchestrated. They are always on offense; they never take their eyes off the prize. Their thinking and planning is completely long-term—begun with the Progressive Movement in the late 19th century.

What can hardly be called their opposition is disjointed, corrupted, with no long-term plans or goals, and no strategic thinking. Their time-horizon is the next election. To describe the opposition as lame would be way too generous. I fear it’s going to take nothing less than a miracle to save our country.

Student Accepted to Stanford for Writing Black Lives Matter 100x

This is such a sad commentary on our public education system and culture that I nearly threw up when I read it . I wonder how his application would have been received if he had been a volunteer for Donald Trump instead of socialist wing-nut Martin O’Malley. Or if he had written 100x, “Long live the Founding Fathers,” instead of Black Lives Matter. You can probably get into any college by sucking up to the liberal establishment, using the right catch phrases, singing the praises of Hugo Chavez, or being a member of any officially sanctioned victim group.

It’s not how you think that counts, it’s what you think.…/teen-accepted-stanford-after-writi…

When it comes to college essays, one teen is…