Hillary Indicted?

There’s lots of talk today about the possibility of Hillary Clinton being indicted.  For the benefit of all 13 of my website followers, here’s my quick take on it:

Indicting Hillary quickly, or otherwise getting her to give up her candidacy, is the only chance the Dims have to win the White House. They have to get her out of the race, and soon, to get a winning ticket, i.e. Biden/Fauxcahontas on the ballot by November.  (Fauxcahontas being Elizabeth Warren, who earned the name by falsely claiming to be of 1/64th or some such fraction Native American.)   If they somehow get Hillary off the ticket and replace her with Biden/Faux, they could win.  The outcome, of course, would depend on the GOP ticket and an array of uncertainties.  But I digress.

The Clintons, as we know, have the goods on Obama/Jarrett, and vice versa.  So the Dims are caught between Iraq and a hard place. Of course, if these people were conservatives/Republicans, the GOP candidate/indictee would be hounded to end his/her candidacy by a groundswell of GOPe suck-ups and the media “in the greater interests of the country.” After a week of phony high drama with a pre-determined outcome, the candidate would withdraw. The GOP would then ask Jeb Bush and John Kasich to come to the rescue, having convinced enough stupid people that a Bush/Kasich ticket would all but guarantee Florida and Ohio going red.  We all know the ending to that story.

But the players in this case being Dims, things play out quite differently, and much more unpredictably and dramatically.  Dims never cave—ever. Well, let’s just say that historically the GOP holds a 100:1 cave ratio over the Dims. My prediction is that they don’t indict Hillary and she gets trounced in November. The Dims would rather lose than air their dirty laundry, which even the New York Slimes would be forced to devote ink and paper.

As usual, a GOP victory would mean nothing. As someone once said, “All political victories are meaningless unless you defeat stupidity along with it.”

The Artful Dilettante