Climate Change Hysterics Are the Intellectual Equivalent of Child Abusers

With the exception of radical Islam, climate change/global warming is greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. As always, follow the money. Guys like Al Gore and Michael Mann have made megabucks shilling this “horsehockey,” as MASH’s Col. Potter would say. And there’s billions more waiting to made on such phony and fraudulent schemes like “carbon-tax credits.” Until President Trump came along and “pissed on their Wheaties.”

Assessing President Trump’s First Year in Office

As 2017 draws to a close, I am moved to summarize and comment on President Trump’s first year in office.

His election was nothing short of an historic phenomenon and he has exceeded my wildest expectations. There are articles out there that list his top 81 accomplishments, but they include things like learning to play the accordion and walking on water. I’ll stick to my short list.

1- my favorite. Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords. Climate change is a corrupt, money-making hoax. Not that the climate doesn’t change; it’s been changing since the Big Bang, sometimes radically. For ninety-nine percent of the time since the earth was formed, it has been uninhabitable to all but simple amoeba, and only to mammals since the dinosaurs exited because of a giant meteorite. (Now that’s climate change !) Nothing George Soros or Barack Obama in their infinite wisdom could have done a G/D thing about. Humans and their genetic predecessors have only been around for just a couple million years and change. Yet, they survived the Ice Age and the Biblical Flood without the help of a single bureaucrat or elite coastal liberal.

It is estimated that dropping out of the Paris Accords will save the American taxpayer $23 trillion dollars, money that would enrich only a bunch of crooked bankers and high-level bureaucrats.

President Trump has rightfully thrown them under a bus. If President Trump wants to help the environment, he should turn off all the electricity, heat, and hot water in every government building.

2 – the historic tax-cut and jobs bill. Like then-VP Joe Biden said of Obamacare, “This is a big effing deal.” Indeed. Liberals howl that it’s a tax cut for the rich. Who does all the hiring in this country? When’s the last time a poor person hired anyone? Corporate tax cuts benefit all of us. Corporations don’t pay taxes, they only collect them. Their tax bills are passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices and lower payrolls.

Conversely, lower corporate taxes will result in lower prices across-the-board for goods and services, higher pay for existing employees, and the leeway for employers to take on new hires. Instead of blindly attacking the legislation, peel away the layers of the onion and learn some basic economics. As Dr. Michael Hurd says, “There’s no such thing as a bad tax cut.”

3 – and last but not least, President Trump has, at long last, declared war on political correctness. While I don’t agree with every Twitter or off-hand remark or even his policy statements, unlike your typical Trump haters, I rationally take it one day, one Tweet, one act at a time. For example, I think the Wall is a dumb idea, but getting us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership was genius.

In general, he has exposed liberal/marxist hypocrisy like no other. Much as they profess to, they don’t support the working class, and they don’t support the First Amendment, specifically Freedom of Speech. The First Amendment was specifically designed to protect controversial speech, including hate speech. Michelle O is welcomed with open arms on every campus, but if Melania Trump were to be invited, she’d be greeted with howls of protest, and probably violence.

Campus Snowflakes demand so-called “safe spaces.” Fact is, the First Amendment makes the whole country a safe space—safe to say whatever you like, whenever you like. If you don’t like a movie, you walk out; if you don’t agree with the opinions of a scheduled speaker, you don’t attend. Do you smash your radio because you don’t like Rush Limbaugh? No, you change the channel. Do you smash your television set because you hate FoxNews? No, you don’t tune in. There’s a civil, unintrusive way of expressing our preferences.

President Trump is calling upon us to re-examine some of our long-held cherished values and assumptions. Is that so bad? Isn’t it time we reassess the prevailing values of those who went to Woodstock and never came home ? Take free money, become a community organizer, suffer no consequences. What could possibly go wrong? A community organizer is just nice term for someone who doesn’t have a real job.

Is it safe or wise to have open borders? Hardly. The crime rate among illegals far exceeds the national average. The families of the victims are stark testimony to this. Should illegals have an unlimited claim check on our national treasury? Our hard-earned tax dollars? No. For that matter, should every person in the country be entitled to open-ended welfare? Some, but it’s time we started differentiating between those who CANNOT work and those who WILL not work.

President Trump is changing our national dialogue, and challenges us to join in this discourse, without violence, without hatred, and with bipartisan civility. Labeling every caucasian a racist isn’t true, and it doesn’t reduce unemployment or the federal deficit. The purpose of our popular sovereignty is the peaceful transfer of power, the freedom to express ourselves without any threats to our persons, and the right to wear a MAGA hat in a restaurant without being hassled.

Best Wishes to all for a Blessed and Joyous Christmas Season…The Artful Dilettante

Law Extends Federal Regulation to Dark Matter

In what amounts to stunning acknowledgement of its very existence, and reversal of existing policy, Congress yesterday passed legislation by a wide margin granting sweeping federal regulatory authority over dark matter. Obama has already promised to sign the legislation which he termed “a small step in the right direction.”  The vote culminated months of secret negotiations and political horse-trading.  Up till now, each state has been free to regulate dark matter in its own way and of its choosing.  The law now prohibits independent state action on dark matter, making it the exclusive province of the federal government.  Tenth Amendment advocates were apoplectic with rage over the vote, but admitted its inevitability.   The law’s proponents argued that the new law would replace the existing hodge-podge of often conflicting state policies involving dark matter with one uniform approach.  The law virtually mirrors the legislation recently adopted by the European Union and several  Asian countries.
Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and the bill’s chief Senate sponsor, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), were giddy after the vote.  “At long last, said McConnell, “we have extended the regulatory authority and benificent offices of the U.S government beyond the planet, even the galaxy, to regulate forces at work throughout the universe, God’s Mighty Kingdom.  Environmental experts have claimed for years that dark matter plays an integral role in determining our weather patterns.  This legislation proves beyond a doubt what I and most of the leadership on Capitol Hill have been insisting for years—that the federal government has no bounds.  Today is an occasion for universal celebration. The Senate now remains poised to extend federal regulation to the next frontier—Black Holes.”
Public celebrations were large, numerous, and worldwide.  Revelers on nearly every major U.S. college campus and in every world capital carried on well into the wee hours after the final vote was announced.  The White House announced it plans a large Rose Garden signing ceremony on Christmas Day including congressional leaders, heads of state, religious leaders, and high-level representatives of ISIS and other major Islamic movements.  Pope Francis, who has been at the forefront of worldwide action on climate change, was effusive over the law’s passage.  In his remarks to the faithful at his weekly papal blessing at St. Peter’s Square, he stated, “Regulating dark matter will carry mankind’s struggle against the haphazard and unpredictable forces of nature to a new dimension.  It is another weapon in our arsenal in the war against climate change.”
Dark matter is a hypothetical kind of matter that cannot be seen but is believed to account for most matter in the universe.  Although dark matter has not been detected directly, its existence is inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter and the large-scale structure of the universe.