The Fall of America

Sometimes the symbolism is the reality. This once great nation is so screwed. We’re paying for the generations-long error of letting the government grow way beyond its base. It could still be reversed, perhaps, but the majority are too ignorant, or too afraid, to tackle the problem head-on. So we’re falling.

“Biden got confused at multiple points, not knowing which way to go or where to sit. At another point, he claimed that he once applied to the academy himself. No record exists of any such application, though he has previously claimed that he received an appointment. That also has never been substantiated.

The president wasn’t done making news, though. Later in the ceremony, he got up to walk off the stage and took a massive fall, leaving Secret Service members scrambling to help him. Consider this a fair warning that the video is painful to watch.” [from Red State, 6-1-23]

When your elderly relative falls, it may mean asisted living is necessary. And surely they’re not fit to be the U.S. President.

Speaking of America’s fall …

Raising the debt limit is an open confession by Congress that they NEVER intend to lower the debt.

Why not cut government 25 percent now and pay down the debt with the savings? Start with the FBI, CDC, NPR, DEA, BATF, EPA, IRS, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Engery, Dept. of Commerce?

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Public School Teachers more Likely to Abuse Children than Catholic Priest

New data shows that teachers are more likely to abuse kids than Catholic Priests, shining light on a disturbing growing trend in public schools.

As sexual abuse by teachers continues to rise, parents and students grow more concerned about the health and well-being of their families. The public education system has embraced grooming techniques that normalize sexual behavior and sexuality in children as young as pre-school. Middle schoolers are now avidly taught about masturbation in class, while pornographic books remain in some public schools for the sake of “diversity & inclusion.” It’s enough to make anyone wonder if this material is truly appropriate for children, and whether public schools are working to educate based on the best interests of the children. And now, it has been confirmed that public school teachers are 100 times more likely to abuse kids than Catholic priests.

In truth, this comparison is based on an aged 2004 report from the Department of Education, and as child sexual abuse in schools has reportedly increased since these findings were released, one may conclude that the incidence is even more likely. In 2011 Texas recorded that teacher sexual misconduct cases went up 27%. In Alabama complaints and investigations tripled. By 2019 the Arizona Department of Education’s investigative unit chief pleaded with the Governor’s Victims of Child Sex Abuse task force claiming that his team is “drowning” in cases.

Many have noted that easy access to students’ personal lives has perpetuated this, thanks to social media and constant internet use. In 2020 The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported the highest number of suspected child sexual exploitation tips through their CyberTipline. The debate over whether minors should be allowed on social media at all has continued on for years, but despite these dangers, many individuals — students and parents included — often vilify Catholic priests when discussing the sensitive subject of pedophilia and child sexual abuse while completely ignoring the ongoing child sexual abuse convictions against public school staff.

The Catholic church has suffered for its lack of transparency and refusal to take full action against priests who harm children. It is common rhetoric to declare that Catholicism is full of pedophiles, and it is true that there have been some shockingly horrific cases, but if parents are going to protect their children they must guide them to beware all dangers, and they are far more likely to experience sexual abuse from a teacher or other school staff member than by a Catholic priest. So why is the public not decrying teachers as pedophiles?

abuse Considering this, 10% (roughly 4.5 million children) of public school students have experienced some form of sexual misconduct by the time they graduate high school, yet of the 77.4 million Catholics in the United States, .01% reported claims of child sexual abuse (10,667 children). It has also been studied and concluded that about 4.4% of all clerics were known to sexually abuse children between 1946 and 2014, yet it is estimated that roughly 5% of men are pedophiles and those numbers do not even take into account the incidence of female sexual predators at all. These numbers make a harsh case against public school employees.

In truth, child sexual abuse is a serious issue no matter who commits it, but as many admit, “prevention is key.” The best way to prevent child sexual abuse is by protecting children from predators and teaching them to protect themselves. Knowing that public school teachers are far more likely to sexually abuse students, parents must ask themselves, once again, is the public education system is really worth the risk?

Jessica Marie Baumgarter

Thomas Jefferson on the National Debt

“I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our constitution; I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government to the genuine principles of it’s constitution; I mean an additional article taking from the federal government the power of borrowing. I now deny their power of making paper money or any thing else a legal tender. I know that to pay all proper expenses within the year would, in case of war, be hard on us … but not so hard as ten wars instead of one … for wars would be reduced in that proportion.”

— Thomas Jefferson


As his first act, Chick-fil-A’s new VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Erick McReynolds has revised company vocab guidelines, requiring white employees to move away from simple phrases like “my pleasure” and instead use preferred equitable language such as, “my privilege.”

VP McReynolds said of the change, “Chick-fil-A restaurants have long been recognized as a place where people know they will be treated well. So in the interest of fixing something that isn’t broken, we now require our privileged employees to express how they use their privilege to be allies to minorities by serving them great-tasting chicken sandwiches.”

“We are committed to ensuring mutual respect,” he continued. “We will do this by humiliating white people as often as possible.”

Sources say white employees will also be required to kneel respectfully and raise their fists in the air whenever a black person enters the store. They will also be required to punch themselves in the face when asked.

McReynolds is reportedly surprised by the drama kicked up in the wake of his announcement. “I’ve been the Executive Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion since 2020. I’m a VP now, but we’ve always been headed in this direction.”

“Check your privilege. Jeez.”

At publishing time, Chick-fil-A had also hired a graphic designer to create a cool new pride logo for the company.

Babylon Bee

A Deal with the Devil Gets You More of the Devil

The better members of the Republican Party, including Rand Paul, oppose the debt deal between Biden and McCarthy. Yes, it’s a loser for the Republicans, because it relies on promises of future Congresses and Presidents (seriously?) to keep reducing spending. Seriously??

You could have predicted this. You can’t negotiate with evil. I call the Democrats evil because they are totalitarians — in theory, and increasingly, in practice. Do I have to provide the proof again? Mask mandates, experimental vax mandates, use of social media to impose censorship, threats of gun confiscation and deadlines on the use of fossil fuels necessary for the survival of the middle class and civilization as we know it. I call all of this (and much, much more) evil.

Ayn Rand was the only one who appeared to get this point: When you negotiate with evil, you benefit only the evil side, not the good side. Evil, you see, is irrational and stupid, by its very nature. It cannot survive five seconds without some sort of concession from the good side. This is true whether we’re talking government, politics or any other arena of human life where morality is in play.

By negotiating with the Bidenistas and other terrorists occupying our government, the Republicans conceded that the unconscionable things Democratic Communists have been doing are acceptable — to a point. There is NO point where censorship is acceptable. There is NO point where bankrupting the country is acceptable. There is NO basis whatsoever for shutting down the economy and saying you have a right to do so again any time you feel like it. There is NO basis for nearly anything the Democratic Party has done for the last century or more, but this has become especially true in the escalation toward a totalitarian state we have witnessed — here in America — for the last 3 years or so.

Would you accept half a concentration camp? Or only a third of a gulag? Or the murder of 100 innocent citizens instead of a thousand? Or merely one million instead of ten million? This is the game you’re playing when you start negotiating with evil.

Making a deal with the Devil gets you more of the Devil. It’s as simple as that. It’s a law of logic and nature that is never going to change. The good or the not-so-bad guys have failed to figure it out. That’s why we’re on our way to the greatest evil that America has ever seen, and (if not stopped) the greatest evil in all of human history.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Where are the Lions ? Where are they Sleeping ?

Pat Conroy, writing in “The Prince of Tides” about the 21st Century — thinking (mistakenly) he was writing of the 20th:

“Patrick Flaherty was the perfect manifestation of the modern American man. I listened in amazement as he began to speak, anesthetized by his heroic, unblemishable command of every cliche in the language. His tongue was a hermitage for banality. Every movement he made and every word was buttery with condescension. He was the quintessential organization man and all his i’s were dottted and all his sentences were diagrammed by a portentous vacuity. Clean and supple and lacking in all vestiges of compassion, Patrick Flaherty stood before us as an eyesore on our aberrant, hallucinating century. His voice flooded the gymnasium with a whole lottery of statistics. It was a coppery, inanimate voice and all the words seemed dusted with bright and deadly notes of silica. In silence, we listened as he explained how our town was going to be moved house by house and brick by brick.”


… “Soon they will turn our beautiful town into a place dedicated to the destruction of the universe. And I have not heard a single man or woman from this town say ‘No.’ I keep asking myself, ‘How many sheep can one town produce?’ I keep asking myself, ‘Where are the lions? Where are they sleeping?’

Since the announcement by the federal government that they were going to steal my town, I’ve done what any Southerner would do: I’ve turned to the Bible for solace and strength. I’ve tried to find in the Bible some message that would give me comfort during this time of distress. I’ve looked to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to see if I could find some comparison between those two wicked cities and Colleton. Now, I admit to you I found nothing. Colleton is a town of gardens and pleasure boats and church bells on Sunday. It is not evil in any way that I can judge evil. Its only fault that I can see is that it produced people who didn’t love her enough, people who would sell her to strangers for thirty pieces of silver. So I kept reading the Bible, hoping to find a message from God that would grant me succor during the wrath of the Philistines. Because, if I don’t try to save the one town in the world I truly love, then I want God to turn me into a pillar of salt because I did not look back. I would rather be a lifeless pillar of salt in Colleton than a Judas Iscariot covered with gold and the blood of his hometown anywhere else in the world.”

A General Campaign at the Local Level for Laissez-Faire Capitalism (Part 9 of 10)

What would be required to restore New York to its former prosperity and greatness would be the combination of the elimination of public welfare, the abolition of rent controls, and the privatization of the city’s transportation system.

This article is excerpted from chapter 20 “Toward The Establishment of Laissez-Faire Capitalism” from George Reisman’s Capitalism: A Treatise On Economics (1996). See the author’s page for additional titles by Dr. Reisman.

The seven preceding sections have described various major aspects of the campaign for capitalism. Here it is appropriate to bring some of those aspects together in the form of a specific program that, over the course of less than a decade, would bring about the economic and cultural revival of America’s leading city, New York. I choose to focus on New York not only because it is the country’s leading city, but also because, of any major American city, it best represents the destructive economic and social consequences of contemporary American “liberalism,” of which it is the intellectual home.

What would be required to restore New York to its former prosperity and greatness would be the combination of the elimination of public welfare, the abolition of rent controls, and the privatization of the city’s transportation system.

The abolition of welfare, of course, would have to be preceded by the elimination of minimum-wage and prounion legislation and of restrictions on child labor over the age of fourteen. In the absence of the outright repeal of minimum-wage and prounion legislation at the national level, it would be necessary for the city to obtain a special congressional exemption from that legislation. These preliminary measures would be necessary so that, as I have said before, the present welfare recipients would have a realistic opportunity of finding employment. As I have also said before, the elimination of welfare would need to take place gradually, say, over a ten-year period. The elimination of public welfare and restrictions on employment would make possible a radical improvement in the lives of the poorest portion of the city’s population, whose members would then live by working and recognize their responsibility for their own well-being, and who thus could advance to far higher economic levels than could ever be possible for them while on the welfare rolls. At the same time, and for much the same reasons, it would make an enormous contribution to the reduction in crime and thus to the improvement of the lives of the rest of the city’s population, if large numbers of those who otherwise would have been out committing crimes–namely, unemployed, impoverished juveniles and the hardened criminals they grow up to become–were instead busy earning money by working.

The abolition of rent control, of course, would radically and progressively improve the city’s housing stock. It would also bring about the return of the middle class to the city. Another important consequence of the repeal of rent control would be a great increase in the revenues of the city government that were derived from property taxes. Property tax collections would soar by virtue of bringing the value of all the housing and land in the city that is presently under rent controls, up to the free-market level. The great increase in property-tax revenues, combined with the elimination of expenditures for welfare, would make possible the elimination of much or even all of the city’s income and sales taxes, which would further improve the quality of life in the city and promote the return of industry and commerce. As a result of the vast increase in the property-tax base, even the property-tax rate could probably eventually be reduced.

The privatization not only of the city’s subway system but also of its bus lines, accompanied by the phasing out of restrictive taxicab licensing requirements, would achieve major improvement in the city’s transportation system. This too would represent an important improvement in the daily life of the average New Yorker and serve to encourage the return of industry and commerce to the city.

No doubt, repeal of victimless crimes legislation and the consequent ability of the city’s police department and judicial system to concentrate all of their resources on apprehending and punishing those guilty of crimes against the persons or property of others would be a further measure vital in restoring the life of the city.

Needless to say, success in enacting the above program in New York City would operate powerfully to promote the cause of capitalism in the entire country.

Copyright 1996 George Reisman. All rights reserved. The encyclopedic Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics is a required reference for every Capitalist’s library. Reisman’s treatise is now available in two volumes: Volume I (focuses on microeconomic issues) and Volume II (focuses on macroeconomic issues).

Left-wing Extremism Tied to Antagonistic Narcissism and Psychotic Tendencies

(Natural NewsNew research published in the journal Current Psychology suggests that narcissistic individuals with psychopathic tendencies tend more towards left-wing anti-hierarchical aggression than right-wing hierarchical embrace.

According to the research involved, opposing hierarchical power structures as many liberals do is a sign of mental illness, as these individuals should apparently embrace the hierarchical structure as normal and acceptable. Those who refuse might be narcissists with psychopathic tendencies, the paper claims.

“We were interested in the psychological factors behind authoritarianism,” said study authors Ann Krispenz, a postdoctoral associate, and Alex Bertrams, head of the Educational Psychology Lab at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

“There is a wide range of literature and research in the field of right-wing authoritarianism (RWA). However, research on authoritarianism observed in individuals who are supportive of left-wing political ideologies are still rare.”

(Related: Remember when a woke liberal male claimed to be a transgender “woman” just on Wednesdays during work hours so he could obtain a political position illegally reserved just for women? This is what left-wing politics forces marginalized demographics like straight, white males to do just to maintain access to the same opportunities as special interest demographics like trans “women.”)

Today’s leftists prefer to silence their opposition rather than agree to disagree

To gain a better understanding of left-wing authoritarianism, or LWA, the researchers looked at another recently published study that conceptualizes LWA as consisting of three correlated dimensions: anti-conventionalism, top-down censorship, and anti-hierarchical aggression.

“Authoritarianism can be found on both sides of the political spectrum,” Krispenz and Bertrams admit, noting that both the right wing and the left wing are still attached to the same bird.

“Indicators of authoritarianism on the political left are anticonventionalism (i.e., the absolute endorsement of progressive moral values), top-down censorship (i.e., the preference for the use of governmental and institutional authority to suppress any speech that is considered as offensive and intolerant), and antihierarchical aggression (i.e., the motivation to use force and aggression to overthrow established hierarchies).”

One example the study puts forth is the idea that someone who adheres to LWA might declare others who oppose his or her “progressive values,” whatever they might be, as being “old fashioned.” Such an individual might thus attempt to silence the opposer through elimination or suppression of free speech, using violence if necessary.

Krispenz and Bertrams looked at two separate studies to make their determination that left-wing authoritarianism often goes hand-in-hand with narcissism. To measure narcissism, they used the Five-Factor Narcissism Inventory, a self-report measure with 60 different items.

“The FFNI assesses narcissism on three subdimensions: antagonism, agentic extraversion, and neuroticism. Altruism was measured using the Self-Report Altruism Scale, which consisted of twenty items assessing prosocial behaviors (e.g., ‘I have given money to a charity’),” explains Eric W. Dolan, writing for PsyPost.

“Participants rated how often they had engaged in these behaviors in the past on a 5-point scale ranging from ‘never’ to ‘very often.’”

“To assess proneness to socially desirable responding, the researchers used the Balanced Inventory of Desirable Responding. Socially desirable responding, also known as social desirability bias, refers to a tendency of individuals to respond to surveys or questionnaires in a way that presents themselves in a more favorable or socially acceptable light.”

Left-wing authoritarianism was also measured using the Left-Wing Authoritarian Index, which is based on 39 items and uses much the same line of questioning as the above indexes.

Based on all this, the researchers found that LWA individuals tend to have high levels of neurotic narcissism, meaning they care very much about what other people think about them. They also experience high levels of shame and have a strong need for admiration. Conversely, the researchers found no relationship between LWA and altruism.

The latest news about left-wing libtardism can be found at

America Need a Divorce

Openly Communist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) simply called on Democrats in Congress to ignore the debt ceiling. This is her answer for everything. If you don’t like a law or procedure — just do away with it. So long as it serves the Marxist-fascist cause.

Being lectured by AOC on fiscal responsibility is like watching the Titanic sink from a lifeboat and hearing one of the illiterate kitchen maids sternly remind you of your manners while on board a great ship.

In a twisted way, the twit is right. Since all we have is fiat currency unhinged from a gold standard or any other market-based objective standard, why bother with a debt limit? The government can simply use the Federal Reserve to “print” or create more money. On our present premises, the government might as well just give everyone $15 trillion per year. On our present course, our glorified Monopoly game money will be worthless, once inflation and hyperinflation ruin it. One way or another, you, I or our children will — before much longer– be starting over. For details, check out Venezuela today, or the 1930s Weimar republic shortly before the election of Hitler.

My solution to the debt: DEFUND the federal government. Shut it down. Return power to the states & the people. We’ve had enough.

You can’t reconcile totalitarian government with economic freedom. America needs a divorce.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason