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The Artful Dilettante is a native of Pittsburgh, PA, and a graduate of Penn State University. He is a lover of liberty and a lifelong and passionate student of the same. He is voracious reader of books on the Enlightenment and the American colonial and revolutionary periods. He is a student of libertarian and Objectivist philosophies. He collects revolutionary war and period currency, books, and newspapers. He is married and the father of one teenage son. He is kind, witty, generous to a fault, and unjustifiably proud of himself. He is the life of the party and an unparalleled raconteur.

Russian Nuclear Plot

This is YUGE !  But you won’t hear a word of it on the evening news.



Socialism Has Destroyed Venezuela

In all of recorded history, socialism has not one success story. Socialism is the Cleveland Browns of history and civilization. Yet, there are no shortage of thugs, politicians, social justice warriors, the chattering classes, and academics who continue, unbowed, in their blind support for this abject failure. No socio-economic system has wrought more misery and suffering on mankind than socialism. Venezuela is just the latest victim of this warped philosophy; many more are to follow.


Decolonize, Abolish & Bend A Knee | Frontpage Mag

The Left is destroying our country, everything we’ve built and worked for, methodically organized and orchestrated. They are always on offense; they never take their eyes off the prize. Their thinking and planning is completely long-term—begun with the Progressive Movement in the late 19th century.

What can hardly be called their opposition is disjointed, corrupted, with no long-term plans or goals, and no strategic thinking. Their time-horizon is the next election. To describe the opposition as lame would be way too generous. I fear it’s going to take nothing less than a miracle to save our country.