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The Artful Dilettante is a native of Pittsburgh, PA, and a graduate of Penn State University. He is a lover of liberty and a lifelong and passionate student of the same. He is voracious reader of books on the Enlightenment and the American colonial and revolutionary periods. He is a student of libertarian and Objectivist philosophies. He collects revolutionary war and period currency, books, and newspapers. He is married and the father of one teenage son. He is kind, witty, generous to a fault, and unjustifiably proud of himself. He is the life of the party and an unparalleled raconteur.

The World Made Simple by Supply and Demand – Bill Tatro

All economic laws are immutable.  They can neither be changed nor avoided.  And there is no differentiation among products or services.  The same laws apply to agriculture, health care, and illegal drugs.  A friend’s son recently told me he was taking a course in energy economics.  I had to explain to him the universality of economic laws.  Economic laws are as universal and immutable as the laws of physics.  We ignore them at our own peril.