President Trump is quick to tout his intelligence, his wealth, and his accomplishments. Today, he called himself a “very stable genius.” At least half of America thinks he’s an obnoxious blowhard, even crazy. I think there is a method to his madness.

Millions of American kids have been brainwashed by the public education system and modern culture to believe that their intelligence and accomplishments, like those of their parents, are a function of “privilege.” Something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about.  Diligence and motivation have nothing at all to do with success. Students are now being tested across the country to determine their “privilege awareness.”

President Trump is taking on Political Correctness in subtle ways most social justice warriors are too blinded by hatred to consider. By openly and vocally expressing his pride in his own self-driven merits, President Trump is trying to send a strong message to today’s youth—Don’t be ashamed of your virtues. Virtue is the fruit of rational thought. Diligence and motivation are virtues. Do we want our kids to fail because some of their peers are failures? Are they to be ashamed of their accomplishments because others have none? Are they supposed to go through life with half their brains tied behind their backs because others are intellectually challenged?

Where would mankind be if it weren’t for the productive—the brain-i-acs, the hard-working, the creative, the entrepreneurs, the competent, who seek only an honest return for their efforts and the freedom to pursue their goals? In today’s America and elsewhere, competence is an unforgiveable offense subject to merciless derision by cultural marxists in our public schools, colleges and universities, and the media. If it weren’t for the competent, we’d all be hunter/gatherers living in stone-cold, fetid hovels.

There is work to be done, things to be invented, medical and scientific breakthroughs to be made. Are we to entrust our future to those who won’t get out of bed, crack a book, or fill out a job application? To be sure, there are millions of poor and destitute, through no fault of their own, deserving of our help and compassion. We must find a way to differentiate between those who cannot work and those who will not work. Our current welfare system has failed to do this.

That said, we must never criticize or subject to systemic condemnation the hardworking, the ambitious, and the intellectually gifted. After all, our future is in their hands. They must be encouraged to reach for the stars and play every game like it’s the seventh game of the World Series. Indeed, all of our children must be inspired to succeed to the extent of their abilities, and taught that failure is only a step away from their fondest dreams.

President Trump is right to take on this toxic mindset and warped value-system.

Boiled Rice

The Obama Administration’s surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition teams , if true, is an egregious criminal act. It makes Watergate look like child’s play. Watergate happened over 40 years ago. It was a GOP Administration at the time that was under investigation. Congressional Republicans cooperated admirably and fully in the nationally televised Senate Watergate Committee hearings which captivated a nation, and fully supported the appointment and work of Special Prosecutors Archibald Cox, then Leon Jaworski. It was Republican Senator Howard Baker who famously posed the question on national television, “What did the president know, and when did he know it?” The two-year long “national nightmare” culminated in the resignation of President Richard Nixon. In the end, it was an elite group of Republican stalwarts including Senators Hugh Scott and Barry Goldwater, and House Minority Leader Carl Albert, that made the somber journey up Pennsylvania Avenue to tell President Nixon the jig was up. In addition to the GOP, the media, led by the Washington Post, were like a pack of bloodhounds in unearthing the truth, using a composite of highly placed sources known as “Deep Throat.” And White House Counsel John Dean turned state’s evidence and sang like a canary at the Senate hearings.

My how times have changed. The Democrats will not cooperate with any investigation, nor will they agree to a Special Prosecutor. They will not agree to televised Committee hearings. The media, outside of Fox News and conservative talk radio, will not work doggedly to unearth the truth. Quite the opposite—they will act like the partisan hacks that are. They will defend the former Administration accomplices, minimize the severity and significance of these acts, and try to change the story to implicate President Trump and his associates. There will be no tell-all White House sources like Dean who sing like a canary. Every witness will take the fifth or lie like a rug.  No Democratic senator will ask the question that Senator Baker asked.  And no elite group of Democratic party elders will make the somber trip to the White House to apologize to President Trump for their slanderous allegations that he and his campaign team were working with the Russians to swing the election in their favor.

The chances of seeing truth and justice in this case are small, actually infinitesimally small. Nothing will happen and everyone will get off scott free.

OPINION | The U.S. intelligence community is in the midst of a severe crisis.

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