The Eternal Struggle Between the Merchant and the Bureaucrat | Mises Wire

Simply brilliant.


Articles: Why the Republicans Always Cave

The author’s explanation, while partially true, completely ignores the role of special-interest money in explaining GOP cowardice.  The GOP must cave in order to maintain the flow of K Street money.  If they were to act on principle by seriously reducing government expenditures, K Street cut them off without a cent.  Remember the Artful Dilettante’s First Rule of Politics—Follow the $$$$ !!

Socialism Has Destroyed Venezuela

In all of recorded history, socialism has not one success story. Socialism is the Cleveland Browns of history and civilization. Yet, there are no shortage of thugs, politicians, social justice warriors, the chattering classes, and academics who continue, unbowed, in their blind support for this abject failure. No socio-economic system has wrought more misery and suffering on mankind than socialism. Venezuela is just the latest victim of this warped philosophy; many more are to follow.