Why the Left Hates Betsy DeVos – Reason.com

John Stossel has always been one of my favorites. Here he explains why the education establishment and the Left in general are downright apoplectic about Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. She recognizes that our public schools have failed our children miserably. Our public schools are really Day Care centers for dysfunctional kids rather than institutions of learning.

Like her boss, Ms. DeVos wants to seriously shake things up. She knows that our public education system needs radical changes to reverse its current downward trajectory.

The education system, primarily the Teachers’ Unions, will do everything they can to kill her initiatives while mercilessly smearing her character. This is how the Left operates. They won’t openly debate her, but will label her ideas as “hate speech,” while relentlessly heaping scorn and ridicule upon her. Unfortunately, these tactics have worked.


Charity versus Welfare

There is a huge distinction between charity and welfare—charity comes the heart, welfare comes the barrel of a gun. Charity is about voluntary benevolence; welfare is about compulsion, the forcible theft of one’s property for someone else’s benefit. Someone you don’t know, or might find reprehensible and undeserving of one dime of your money.

So, the next time the subject comes up among an ignorant group of social justice warriors, point out the distinction between charity and welfare. All you have to lose is the friendship of a bunch of dumb-ass social justice warriors.