Charity versus Welfare

There is a huge distinction between charity and welfare—charity comes the heart, welfare comes the barrel of a gun. Charity is about voluntary benevolence; welfare is about compulsion, the forcible theft of one’s property for someone else’s benefit. Someone you don’t know, or might find reprehensible and undeserving of one dime of your money.

So, the next time the subject comes up among an ignorant group of social justice warriors, point out the distinction between charity and welfare. All you have to lose is the friendship of a bunch of dumb-ass social justice warriors.

Donna Brazile knows Seth Rich was murdered by the Clintons

Months ago, right after the Brazile charges, I had read that the murder was set up and coordinated by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. DWS reached out to DNC operatives with connections to MS-13. MS-13 carried out the murder which was wholly financed by the DNC.

There was no investigation of Rich’s murder. The D.C. Metro Police were ordered to shut down the investigation shortly after Rich died. My instincts tell me it was John Podesta or another high-ranking DNC thug.

Who ordered the shutdown ? A grand jury should be impaneled. Somebody with the Metro Police knows exactly who ordered the shutdown. The Police Chief should be subpoenaed and ordered to identify this person (s) and detail the whole process.

The murder of Seth Rich is second only to the assassination of JFK in terms of Deep State conspiracies.  Yet, it is being completely ignored by the LSM and FOX News.