U.S. Financial Markets are a Hill of Sand Built on a Mirage of Fraud

Would you pay more than 100 million dollars for a single deli in rural New Jersey that had less than $36,000 in sales during the last two years combined? I know that sounds like a completely ridiculous question, but the stock market apparently thinks that deli is worth that much. On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 34,000 for the first time in history, and investors all over the country cheered. But this financial bubble is not real. It is a giant mirage that is built on a foundation of fraud.

Investors have lost all touch with reality, and in this sort of euphoric environment a small deli in rural New Jersey can literally be valued at more than 100 million dollars

The Paulsboro, New Jersey-based Your Hometown Deli is the sole location for Hometown International, which has an eye-popping market value despite totaling $35,748 in sales in the last two years combined, according to securities filings.

“Someone pointed us to Hometown International (HWIN), which owns a single deli in rural New Jersey … HWIN reached a market cap of $113 million on February 8. The largest shareholder is also the CEO/CFO/Treasurer and a Director, who also happens to be the wrestling coach of the high school next door to the deli. The pastrami must be amazing,” Einhorn said in a letter to clients published Thursday.

For young people getting ready to graduate from high school and go to college, don’t waste your time.

Just open up a small deli and go public.

Soon you will be a multi-millionaire.

Alternatively, you could start a fake cryptocurrency as a joke and watch it become worth billions of dollars.

To me, what is happening with “Dogecoin” is completely and utterly insane

The digital currency Dogecoin surged by more than 85 percent so far this week in thrilling scenes for fans of the bizarre coin. Launched in 2013 and created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus as a joke, the cryptocurrency has never seen the highs of rival coins like bitcoin, which is currently worth $63,531.49. But a growing fanbase has helped kickstart the meme coins value, and today has seen the prices skyrocket.

Looking at it objectively, I don’t know why any rational investor would ever put one red cent into Dogecoin.

But in 2021, rational investors are being left in the dust, and those that foolishly rush in are getting filthy rich.

I know that it may be hard to believe, but at this point Dogecoin has a market cap that is greater than 22 billion dollars

According to CoinDesk, Dogecoin has surged by 49.96 percent in 24 hours to $0.171956, as of 9.02pm on April 15.

In GBP, Dogecoin stands at £0.124731.

The market cap for Dogecoin is currently $22.19 billion in USD and £16.10 billion in GBP.

Someday Dogecoin will be worthless, but for now this “meme currency” is shocking the world.

Speaking of ridiculous valuations, Coinbase just went public, and it is currently valued at more than 85 billion dollars

Coinbase was briefly valued at as much as $100 billion in its Nasdaq debut Wednesday, a landmark event for the cryptocurrency industry. The stock closed at $328.28 per share, valuing Coinbase at $85.8 billion on a fully diluted basis.

Don’t you wish that you would have been the one to launch Coinbase?

Of course all of these absurd valuations are just temporary.

This bubble will inevitably pop, and those that did not sell at the top of the market will be kicking themselves.

In the financial markets, enormous fortunes are being won and lost all the time, but none of this is real.

What is real are the riots that are happening in our streets on a nightly basis. Last night, rioters “waved a pig’s head” at police officers in Minnesota…

DAUNTE Wright protesters waved a pig’s head at cops as chaos again erupted in Brooklyn Center, with hundreds storming the police station.

Demonstrators came out for the fourth night in a row since Wright, 20, was fatally shot by police officer Kim Potter during a traffic stop on Sunday.

Sadly, instead of trying to calm the violence BLM leaders are actually arguing that rioting and looting are legitimate forms of political expression

A prominent activist who supports the Black Lives Matter movement has appeared to support violent protests, arguing that rioting and looting are ‘a legitimate, politically-informed response to state violence’.

Bree Newsome, 35, made the passionate remarks in a series of tweets this week, arguing that police are not limited to non-violence, and that a violent response to injustice can be appropriate and justified.

And do you want to know what else is real?

As I discussed a couple days ago, social decay is transforming city streets all over America into drug-infested wastelands

Homeless men lie on the sidewalk while others wearing blankets and rags loiter on a street strewn with garbage, feces, and drug paraphernalia along the notorious Kensington Avenue drag in Philadelphia.

Video posted online on March 10 shows people living out of suitcases on the sidewalks in the area adjacent to the entrance to the Somerset train station along the Market-Frankford train line while others openly brandish needles.

Cardboard boxes with trash bags stacked on top of them lie feet away from the entrances to various pawn shops, check-cashing stores, delis, and bodegas.

The financial bubble that we are experiencing right now will go away, but the problems on our streets are not going away.

In fact, they are only going to get worse in the months and years ahead.

But if you don’t want to believe this, go ahead and pour your life savings into Hometown International or Dogecoin and see what happens.

You only make money in the markets if you get out in time, and time is quickly running out for those that have put their faith in this financial bubble.

Michael Snyder

The Diversity Industry has Turned the Clock back….to 1960

When I was young, Americans prided themselves in being part of the “great melting pot” — good times. People from diverse cultures throughout the world could come here and become full-fledged Americans. Our constitution provided a framework for anyone to become successful. All that was required was determination and hard work. In achieving the American dream, our forefathers shed their ancestral heritages and became enthusiastic Americans — and that was something to be proud of. But we don’t melt anymore. Now we categorize. I blame it on the diversity movement.

The diversity movement was initiated by a number of universities in the 1960s. It was initially conceived as a way to address genuine equal opportunity issues. It was viewed by many organizations as a way to avoid lawsuits based on discrimination. In the 1980s, Lewis Griggs coined the term “valuing diversity” — and that’s when it really took off. The ideology of “valuing diversity” has infiltrated the human resources (H.R.) departments of most major corporations and spawned an industry. A network of consultants and trainers now provide diversity training throughout government and the private sector. It’s big money. Unfortunately, its ideology runs counter to that of a “great melting pot.”

I have an example to illustrate its corrosive nature. At the behest of our H.R. department, the company I used to work for created a diversity council. It comprised representatives from numerous racial, ethnic, sex, disability, and religious groups. Its mission was to create a company environment that was welcoming to all of the above groups. The council wanted a high-level executive to be a member, to give them some “juice.” They asked the company president to assign my boss to the council. Bob was a retired admiral and 100% proud American. He was also descended from Latino ancestors. As a person “of color,” he’d be an automatic supporter of this initiative. All minorities think alike — don’t they?

Bob had me tag along for his first Diversity Council meeting, because every admiral needs at least one aide in tow. The council set about their mission with a brainstorming session. “We should have a Kwanzaa day in the factory.” “There should be a gay pride day as well.” “Maybe we could have an ethnic food day in the cafeteria.” This went on for hours.

Bob listened to everyone’s ideas quietly. At the end of the meeting, he provided his own input. “The key is to help people from different cultures assimilate into our culture.” That single sentence ended Bob’s involvement in the Diversity Council. He was asked to leave and never come back. That’s when I had an epiphany.

You see, “melting pot” is a metaphor for “assimilation,” and assimilation wasn’t the goal of the Diversity Council. That line of thinking was just a little too diverse for the Diversity Council. They wanted diversity — as in maintenance of our differences. They did not want assimilation — creation of a shared culture. The very words “valuing diversity” call for elevating the importance of our differences over our similarities. If our inherent humanity is of lesser value than our racial identity, we shouldn’t be surprised that saying, “All lives matter” is now considered racially insensitive. Who could’ve seen that this was the end result of “valuing diversity”?

Whether intentional or not, diversity ideology has become another framework to keep us all separated. By valuing and encouraging our differences, we’re reinforcing (strengthening) the things that separate us. We’re raising, not lowering, the walls. After fifty-plus years of attempting to desegregate, now even the civil rights movement is telling us to segregate again. A number of colleges are even having separate graduation ceremonies for different minority groups — and it’s reported as though it were a good thing. What’s next — separate dining rooms? There’s a word for a system of separate treatment — apartheid. I thought that was supposed to be a bad thing. I guess it becomes good when the right people ask for it.

So what have we achieved after generations of trying to rid our society of racism? Hyphenated citizenship:

  • African-Americans
  • Chinese-Americans
  • Mexican-Americans
  • Irish-Americans (otherwise known as white-privileged-Americans)
  • Native-Americans (those would be the American-Americans)

The very groups that demanded desegregation in the ’60s are now self-segregating. Does anybody think this is good? Before you answer, remember that we just suffered through a summer of watching our cities burn to the ground — and we’re bracing for an encore again this year. All because we no longer trust those outside our assigned group.

I have a question for proponents of the “valuing diversity” ideology. If your ideology leads us to the same end state as that desired by the KKK or the Black Panthers, could there be something wrong with your ideology? I’m sure we all want to live in harmony, but the path we’ve taken isn’t getting us there.

Perhaps it’s time to try something different. Why don’t we try focusing on (valuing) what brings us together rather than what separates us? We can all be proud unhyphenated Americans and love the individual liberties granted us by God. We all want healthy and prosperous families. We can share a commitment to the principles of capitalism that have given us unlimited opportunities and the highest standard of living in the world. The only limit to our full integration is our acceptance of the wisdom of our founding.

Meritocracy is the solution to diversity. Let people be the best that they can be on their own merits, and ignore the rest. Isn’t that what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. meant when he said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”? Isn’t it odd that we celebrate this man’s life every year, but we still haven’t heard his message?

Note: For obvious reasons, I have obscured the identity of the executive assigned to my company’s Diversity Council.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at

When it Comes to Corruption, Great Britain is Catching up to the Middle East

I used to meet businessmen in the Middle East who were in a state of high anxiety about their chances of winning a government contract. They were naturally reluctant to spell out the details, but they hinted that their chief worry was whether or not the official they had bribed to get them a contract would, in the event, be willing or able to do so. They took it for granted that I knew that nobody successfully did business with the governments in question without paying off somebody inside it.

I was in Iraq and Afghanistan when the government system in both countries was saturated with corruption. Britain may not yet be at the same place, but it is much further down the road to kleptocracy than most people imagine. For all the finger wagging about the current scandals, the words and phrases used to describe them – chumocracy, revolving doors, cronyism, conflicts of interest, sleaze – all understate the seriousness and corrosiveness of what has been going on.

In reality, individuals and companies only employ politicians and civil servants, paying them a lot of money, because they expect to make very much larger sums themselves. There is “hard” corruption, aimed at winning a particular contract, and “soft”, generally legal, corruption aimed at winning the support of those at the top to further the general ends of those paying them.

The mechanics of corruption have much in common the world over, though the sophistication of the means used to conceal it or explain it away differs widely. In this, as in so many other things, British exceptionalism is less than is often taken for granted – indeed a presumption of honesty makes life easier for the seriously dishonest.

My knowledge of corruption is mostly drawn from the Middle East, but a list of what I see as the six main staging posts on the road to kleptocracy has increasingly strong parallels in Britain.

1. Corruption is turbocharged when companies become convinced that they cannot successfully do business with the government without having facilitators at the decision-making level inside it. If they do not not find their own insiders, they cannot hope to compete. The quickest way of acquiring such influence is to pay for it. This is likely to be cash down in Baghdad or Kabul. In Britain, the reward may be in the shape of a future high-paying job, share options or some such benefit.

An ominous example of how things are increasingly done in Britain – though there is no suggestion of illegality – was outlined by the National Audit Office report last year into the government’s PPE procurement. It revealed that there had been a semi-secret VIP fast lane for those in touch with “government officials, ministers’ offices, MPs and members of the House of Lords, senior NHS staff and other health professionals”. The report said that companies in the VIP lane stood a one-in-ten chance of winning a contract as compared to less than one in 100 for those outside it.

The reality of this “insider” fast lane had little to do with professional expertise and was much closer to the way of doing business in the Middle East. The New York Times analysed a large segment of roughly 1,200 UK central government contracts relating to the Covid-19 epidemic worth $22bn (£16bn) that had been made public. It found that about half, worth $11bn (£8bn), “went to companies either run by friends and associates of politicians in the Conservative Party, or with no prior experience or a history of controversy. Meanwhile, smaller firms without political clout got nowhere.”

2. The amount of money involved is a very important factor in the spread of corruption. Reportage on the present scandal in Britain fails to make this point sufficiently clear. This is not small-time sleaze like parliamentary expenses. People inside and outside of government may be playing for tens or hundreds of millions of pounds, which leads them to take risks that they would otherwise avoid. It is when such “life-changing” money is on offer that corruption seeps upwards. I remember a minister in Baghdad who had been happy in London if he could borrow £50 from his friends, but after a few years in office owned a mansion with three swimming pools in Amman.

3. Crises produce great opportunities for corruption whether they come in the shape of a war or a pandemic. Special fast lanes, that would otherwise look deeply dodgy, can be justified as a sort of patriotic measure to meet a national emergency. Normal checks and safeguards can be put to one side as “bureaucratic red tape” strangling the national effort – and when vast sums of money are spent and nothing is delivered this is explained away as regrettable but inevitable in the circumstances. Unfortunately, precedents set in times of crisis tend to stick around and determine future behaviour.

4. Those promoting corruption will, if they are sensible, want to spread the money around within the political elite. This means that lots of people feel vulnerable and unenthusiastic about far-reaching investigations with strong legal powers that might focus on them. Pay-offs to political parties are also a good method of evading pursuit and blocking reform.

5. The limited chance of being caught and punished is another significant driver of corruption. The best way of doing this is to ensure that what you do is technically legal, rather than dodgy or criminal, though it might appear so to the public. If such corruption is unpunished, others will soon be saying to themselves: “everybody is doing it, so why not me?”

6. Contracts handed to companies and individuals who have themselves no means of providing the goods and services paid for by the government have a special role in the decline of standards. Those receiving them become brokers and hand on the contract for a fee; this may happen multiple times. Shady sub-contracting is a trouble-free way of turning strong political connections into unearned profits.

There is one factor that makes life in Britain easier for the corrupt than in Kabul or Baghdad. Here people are still shocked when senior politicians and civil servants line their pockets. In much of the Middle East, ordinary citizens would be surprised if they did not and act on that assumption.

Naive trust in the probity of British institutions opens the door to corruption particularly wide. In the 1960s and early 1970s, the Metropolitan Police in London was not only corrupt, but parts of it operated like a criminal enterprise. For a long time its victims were disbelieved and the perpetrators given a free pass until brought down by repeated scandals. The reforming Metropolitan Police commissioner, Sir Robert Mark, famously said that “a good police force is one that catches more crooks than it employs”.

With some adaption, this would be a good motto for anybody seeking to reform the top reaches of public life in Britain.

It’s Time for Red States and Red Counties to Exit

The House of Representatives will vote Tuesday on whether to make Washington, D.C., a State.” [Breitbart]

Sure. Bring in D.C. and Puerto Rico. That means 4 more Communists in the U.S. Senate–FOREVER. We’re already getting 4 new Communists on the Supreme Court. Why not go all the way?

My question for red states and red COUNTIES throughout the former USA republic: What reason do you have to stay in this regime? It’s a permanent one-party, far-left cabal where power and policies ARE NEVER GOING TO CHANGE HANDS.

I believe that Texas, South Carolina, Wyoming, Montana, West Virginia, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and other red states should LEAVE this mess. And I believe that red counties in blue states, including New York and California, should also exit. Divide and exit sure beats submission and tyranny.

Let’s start a new free country WITHOUT the left. This new free country will absolutely uphold individual rights, property rights, gun rights, and freedom of speech. Taxes will be minimal and government will only protect us from thugs and criminals–including the rulers of the remaining blue states and counties.

Sound too crazy and radical? Then I guess this means you’re willing to live under a permanent, one-party radical left-wing regime with no hope of ever enjoying any freedom again. I am ready for the EXIT. If you value the liberty and freedom you no longer have, you had better seriously consider it.

Let’s just get it over with. It’s going to happen anyway, unless 70 million Americans roll over and decide to give in to the greatest totalitarian dictatorship the world has ever known.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

American Cities are in Trouble

Recent decades have not been kind to American cities. Manufacturing cities were adversely impacted by the offshoring of manufacturing jobs. Cities that are destinations for the floods of third world immigrants are experiencing deteriorating budgets and infrastructure and population replacement. In 1960 native born white American citizens comprised 90% of California’s population. Today white Americans comprise 30% of the state’s population. The 90% white population in 1960 did not require the support services that the 70% non-white population requires today, and there were no homeless people camping on the streets. Cities with black populations, Democrat regimes, and defunded police experience mob looting and burning of business districts. Covid lockdowns have taught white collar businesses that employees can work at home and the expense of collecting large numbers of people in office buildings can be avoided.

Covid lockdowns also taught people to shop online, and online penetration of retail sales has risen sharply. Estimates are that over the next 5 years the US will lose 81,000 to 150,000 retail stores and the jobs that go with them, with clothing, consumer electronics, home furnishings, sporting goods, and office supplies taking the largest hits. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-05/even-after-pandemic-retailers-seen-closing-thousands-of-stores

Think what this means for shopping centers and for cities.

Cities are not just becoming less pleasant and more dangerous places to live. Cities are losing their purpose and functions. Cities provide work forces for factories and offices. They provide stores where work forces provision themselves. They are transportation centers for people and goods. All of the changes noted above are eating into these purposes and functions of cities.

With so much of American manufacturing moved abroad, with the ability of white collar work and shopping to be done from home, and with the increase in dangers from city life and taxes for immigrant support, professional classes are likely to abandon cities for like-minded enclaves protected with gates and their own police.

Cities rise and fall like empires and civilizations. In my book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, published eight years ago, I noted that the population of Detroit, Michigan, once America’s 4th largest city and a powerhouse of American manufacturing, experienced a 25% decline in population in the first decade of the 21st century. Gary, Indiana lost 22% of its population. St Louis, Missouri lost 20% with 19% of its housing units standing vacant. Flint, Michigan lost 18%. Cleveland, Ohio lost 17%. These loses were largely loses of middle class income people.

Authors who chronicle the decline of ancient civilizations could just as well turn their attention to the United States today. In 1950 life in America was safer, more enjoyable, more civilized, and more promising than in America today. Today life in America is barbaric, and it is on its way to worse.

Paul Craig Roberts, UNZ Review

People Not Getting Vaccinated will Become Regime’s Scapegoat

So I’m hearing, more and more, that people who got the vaccine a month or more ago are still coming down with COVID. Most aren’t dying, of course, because the virus is usually not deadly. But they’re still getting it — despite the vaccine. I know for a fact this has happened in cases people have told me about; and even MSNBC had a headline on this story yesterday, claiming there are thousands of such documented cases. While I don’t believe anything MSNBC says, it’s noteworthy they have included this in their propaganda; they plan to make use of it.

If this trend is real and continues, here’s my prediction about how it will play out. The federal and most state governments will impose lockdowns again — worse than before, and for much longer. Think the U.K., who may never, ever be out of lockdown mode. They will blame the people who failed to get vaccines for the problem. It will be just like the mask issue: “People who don’t wear masks are responsible for the COVID numbers going up.” Of course, the vast majority of people who get COVID wear masks, because the vast majority of people wear masks. But that’s not part of “science” in today’s framework.

It will be the same with any perceived or actual failure of the vaccine. I don’t think the response will be limited to shaming. They’ll use this as an excuse to impose the “vaccine passports”, which they’re already going to do through the compliant Communist “private” sector, at least the large corporations getting all the government subsidies. But I predict they’ll go even further. If the media decides the ineffectiveness of the vaccine is severe enough, and that it’s all the fault of the 20 or 30 percent of the population who won’t get the vaccine, that’s when you’ll see the rounding up begin. I’m talking Nazi Germany. Brace yourselves. These tyrants in power are capable of ANYTHING and they’re not going to lose power, since they’ve rigged most of the elections. Not with 13 on the Supreme Court and all the other things they’re planning and executing, so far quite successfully.

My advice? Ignore and disobey the government as much as you can. Deceit, while a vice in voluntary relationships, is a VIRTUE when dealing with evil. In the words of Ayn Rand, morality ends where a gun begins. Refuse, in your minds, to acknowledge the moral legitimacy of any dictatorship. This is not your granddaddy’s American government — dysfunctional, but more or less freedom-loving. These people are evil and rotten to the core. I’m referring to the Bidens, the Pelosis, the whole pack — as well as most of your neighbors, friends and family who support them. Don’t let them off the hook. Ignorance can be stretched as an excuse, but only so far.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Ayn Rand on Immanuel Kant: Part III

A “straw man” is an odd metaphor to apply to such an enormous, cumbersome, ponderous construction as Kant’s system of epistemology. Nevertheless, a straw man is what it was—and the doubts, the uncertainty, the skepticism that followed, skepticism about man’s ability ever to know anything, were not, in fact, applicable to human consciousness, because it was not a human consciousness that Kant’s robot represented. But philosophers accepted it as such. And while they cried that reason had been invalidated, they did not notice that reason had been pushed off the philosophical scene altogether and that the faculty they were arguing about was not reason.

No, Kant did not destroy reason; he merely did as thorough a job of undercutting as anyone could ever do.

If you trace the roots of all our current philosophies—such as pragmatism, logical positivism, and all the rest of the neo-mystics who announce happily that you cannot prove that you exist—you will find that they all grew out of Kant.

It’s True: Democrats Have Court-Packing on the Menu

News broke on Wednesday that Democrats have prepared bills for both the House and the Senate aimed at increasing the Supreme Court from the current nine justices to thirteen. Were this to pass and new justices to be added, the Supreme Court would cease to be a body that reflects the back and forth of elections, with presidents of one party or another getting the opportunity to add new justices as old ones leave. Instead, it would simply become an unelected quasi-legislative body that pretends every item on the leftist wish list is encompassed in a “living” Constitution.

The Intercept reports that, in the House, the legislators behind the bill are Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), and Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.). Just to give a sense of the IQ behind this trio, Johnson thinks islands, if their population becomes too great, can tip over. (And no, his retrofitted excuse did not remove the stain of that idiotic statement.) Nadler is the shriveled gnome who insisted that Antifa violence in Portland is a myth. (The myth just burned a federal building.) Jones is the generic new Democrat: Stanford and Harvard Law grad, black, gay, demanding Sen. Josh Hawley’s expulsion, refusing to work with Republicans, etc. (And no, his “elite” credentials do not impress me since the odor of affirmative action hangs heavily around him. He’s also graduated so recently that both of those institutions were focused more on indoctrination than education.)

In the Senate, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) supported the bill. Markey is to the left of left. In addition to sponsoring the Green New Deal that morphed into Biden’s fake “stimulus” plan, here are just some of the things he’s said: Thanksgiving is about “atrocities” against Native Americans; we should take all “weapons of war” from police; and Trump’s nominating Amy Coney Barrett, which was consistent with the Constitution and historic precedent, was “illegitimate.”

Court-packing is nothing but a raw power play. Currently, the Court commands a certain level of respect. The justices represent the kind of ideologically mixed bag one gets when alternating Republican and Democrat presidents have the opportunity to appoint new justices. Because the balance of power goes back and forth, the justices must have a working relationship. Famously, Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were genuinely good friends.

This will all change if the Democrats do away with the filibuster and pack the Court. The four new justices will not have any hint of moderation about them. They will be hardcore leftists who may not even pretend to any respect for the Constitution. Currently, the activist justices consider the Constitution a “living” document that can be bent and stretched to meet their ends. With a packed Court, the justices could easily announce that it’s a dead document and conclude, ironically as a constitutional matter, that it’s no longer applicable to modern issues.

If the Democrats can pack the Court, they’ll also add Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. as new states, which will create a permanent Democrat majority in Congress. Once that happens, this is how things will play out:

Democrats will pass wish-list bills. These might include formally and completely socializing medicine, granting amnesty and citizenship to all illegal aliens, and declaring the Republican Party an insurrectionist organization, with all current and past members subject to immediate arrest. Or perhaps the administration will announce that it will seize all privately held guns or that, in the future, China will have a place at the Joint Chiefs of Staff table.

Horrified citizens will sue. However, no matter how the lower courts decide the case, once they get to the Supreme Court, the packed Court will rubber-stamp all congressional and legislative acts. In other words, despite the fact that the justices are appointed, not elected, they will be a super-legislature. At first, these decisions will come dressed in constitutional garb. Soon, though, the justices will abandon that pretense.

At that point, America, as a constitutional democratic republic, will cease to exist. It’s that simple. We won’t even be a soft democratic socialist country like many in Europe. We will, instead, be a fascist dictatorship, led by a cabal of corporations and politicians.

And here’s the really scary thing: currently, the only thing stopping this from happening is the promise that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) made to refuse to go along with their fellow Democrats’ demand to do away with the filibuster. That’s because, even if the bill passes the House (and it presumably will), the filibuster means that it will take 60 senators to vote yes on court-packing, and that’s not going to happen. Without the filibuster, only 50 Senators, plus Kamala Harris, are required to destroy America.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. And for goodness’s sake, contact your representatives and politely but firmly tell them that the Court is perfectly constituted with nine members.

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker