The Predators

The welfare-warfare statists are firmly in power and their opposition is all but impotent. The establishment plays grandmaster-level chess and high-stakes poker while the opposition plays Old Maid. The ruling-class has long-term goals and a long-term strategy. They are patient, organized, unafraid, undaunted, relentless, focused, always on offense, and attacking on every front. Witness how many fronts they have opened against the ordinary, law-abiding, but hapless, politically ignorant, house-trained American citizen–trillion-dollar corporate bailouts; a national debt now estimated at over $100 trillion dollars and growing; monstrous tax increases with which to pay off their political patrons; Obamacare; Common Core; climate change, perhaps the greatest hoax ever foisted upon mankind; huge government land grabs; internet control; unprecedented invasions of privacy by numerous government agencies; and millions of the Uninvited freely crossing our borders with the encouragement and complicity of officials at the highest levels of our government.  (It is true we are a nation of immigrants, but our immigrant forebears were a self-reliant people.  They were not the beneficiaries of forced charity, nor was it their intent to take advantage of a generous citizenry.)

There are many, many more manufactured crises to come—with such speed and audacity as to make your head spin. They distract us with one war after another. They use every tool at their disposal, aggressively, without pause, and with pride. They are especially and sadistically fond of using fear and uncertainty to advance their goals. They don’t play by the rules and they don’t take “No” for an answer. Elections, congressional hearings, town meetings, and every form of popular democratic expression are mere theatrics designed to bless the regime with the legitimacy of popular consent. The only deliberations that matter are the clandestine, the conspiratorial, the dark, the ones that don’t make the papers. Truth and law are subjective constructs used to suit their purposes. They ridicule the moral, the rational, the upright. Character assassination is child’s play, the weapon of choice among those who have no character.  Moral considerations play no role in their calculus–there is no lie they will not tell, no crime they will not commit. 

Liberals v. Conservatives, democrats v. republicans, right v. left are all false dichotomies designed to distract us from the only struggle that counts—liberty v. tyranny. History is not about the struggle between the haves and the have nots, nor the phony Marxist struggle between proletarians and capitalists. It is and always has been about the struggle between the productive and the predatory, those who sit at the table and those who are on the menu. And right now the predators are winning big time. They just keep coming and coming and coming, and they are not going to fold their tents and go away. I have no solutions to offer. But sitting around with our thumbs up our asses waiting for someone or something to come to our rescue is a recipe for disaster.

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