Our Public School System: A Call to Action


The Democrats want anatomically functional boys to be allowed into the Girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms to ogle and rape them. Seems even Hillary does not have a problem with this. Perhaps Chelsea would not have minded being oogled by such when she was in high school?  Across the fruited plain in placed like Missouri and Oregon, this is coming to a public school near you.  Are you ready to hear that your daughter was assaulted by an anatomically functional male that calls himself a girl or that he is transgendered?  Get ready for a lot of boys to make these claims soon; a sure ticket into their sexual fantasies in the Girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms near you.

I copied this short story from a news site I frequent called freerepublic.com. If this doesn’t finally convince parents to yank their kids out of public school, there is no hope.  Given the circumstances—why any parent would even consider turning their kids over to the federal government for seven hours a day, five days a week is beyond comprehension.  Why any parent would entrust the intellectual development of their children to a bunch of Marxist sociopaths is equally disturbing.  This is nothing less than child abuse, and parents who continue to send their kids to the public schools under the circumstances should be horsewhipped. The jury has reached a verdict; the debate is over. That our public education system is the laughing stock of the civilized world is indisputable.

Your children are too precious. Vote with your feet. Take your kids out of the public schools. I realize that the cost of private and parochial education is prohibitive to many parents. But there are far less costly options out there. The cost of homeschooling your child is very inexpensive. You can get all the materials you need for about $600 a year. “But I have to work all day.” This is too important to make excuses. The beauty of homeschooling lies in its flexibility. “But I just don’t think I’m smart enough to homeschool my child.” Look, no matter how hard you try, you couldn’t possibly do worse than the public school system.

Do your homework, sodaspeek.  Just do whatever it takes to get your kids out of the public school system.  If you have to move mountains, part the Red Sea, or build an Ark, just drop everything and get busy.  You haven’t a moment to lose.  Research and weigh all of the options. Get creative. Talk to other parents. Invite them over to your homes for an evening to brainstorm and discuss the options. Make it clear to those you invite, however, that the working assumption of the meeting is that everyone recognizes that keeping your kids in the system is not an option. This is not about debating the non-existent merits of the public school system. If you wish to join us, we are all in agreement upfront that the system is a grotesque failure and an endangerment to our children. If you’re coming over to defend the system, just stay home and watch Wheel of Fortune.

In the meantime spread the word: TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Their minds cannot and must not be entrusted to our criminal and dysfunctional government.

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