The Privileged Class

Today, the findings of a recent Cato Institute study on government vs. private-sector compensation were summarized and reported by Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon. The headline summed it all up: Study: Government Workers Make 78 Percent More than Private Sector.  I was shocked, aghast, nearly apoplectic.  Who would have thought that government workers are better off than their private-sector counterparts?  Could the government workforce, especially the federal workforce, be a privileged class?  An elite?

Indeed they are.  And I’ve grown sick and tired of the latest, most fashionable liberal catch-phrase—White Privilege.

It is the federal bureaucracy that is truly the privileged class, and it is as racially, culturally, and gender-diverse as any liberal could dream.  Their salaries and benefits far exceed those of the private sector.  They have lifetime job security with no expectations of productivity or performance.  They merely have to show up for work and have a pulse. They and their spouses have ridiculously generous lifetime health and retirement benefits, all on the backs of the American taxpayer.

So, please don’t give me this “white privilege” crap.  The federal workforce is an over-compensated, pampered elite with lifetime job security at the expense of those who earn far less, work much harder, and whose jobs are on the line every day.There is no job security in the private sector, there are no automatic cost-of-living increases.  Working for the government is just the adult version of “everyone gets a trophy.”

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