Were Trump’s Comments About Judicial Bias Really That Horrible?

This article by Michael J. Hurd is so on the money. The political establishment, and all their bootlicking suck-ups in the media and academia, are sanctimonious hypocrites when it comes to race. Where were the howls of racism when Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court? Let’s face it—she wasn’t nominated because of her legal and constitutional acumen, she was nominated because she was a Latina who would consistently toe the Marxist-establishment line in her decisions. It was clearly a racist nomination, but nobody said a word. (Sotomayor calls herself a wise Latina. I have news for her—I have a basset hound with a more nuanced understanding of the Constitution than she has.)

Trump is right in questioning his chances of getting a fair trial given the judge’s track record as a member of the ultra-racist Latino political-action group, La Raza. And I would hope that he continues schooling our politically ignorant citizenry on the rampant racism and political correctness practiced and preached by the political establishment. America doesn’t need a third party, they need a second party.

 Once again, comments by Donald Trump have exposed massive double standards in our society.

Trump is under fire from virtually everyone for his comments about the judge assigned to his Trump University fraud case. He commented that because the judge is Mexican, he will have it in for Trump in the case.

Granted, people’s race should not be the central factor in evaluating the appropriateness of a judge’s qualifications. However, taken in context, Trump seems to be saying that because of his controversial views on building a wall to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants, a judge of Mexican descent — particularly one known not to favor such policies — might be biased, given that Trump is currently running for president and taking a controversial stand. Is that really so outrageous?

While Trump may be mistaken in making a judge’s ethnicity a central factor, isn’t this the very thing that advocates of affirmative action do all the time? People who want racial or gender quotas in jobs, or at universities — aren’t they making race a basis for someone’s qualification to hold a job or be a student? Hillary Clinton promising to appoint a cabinet that “looks like America,” meaning that her Cabinet will be selected based on gender — isn’t that making gender the most important thing?

Trump is really right to be on the defensive about the judge he’ll be facing in his case. Political correctness has become such an embedded part of our legal system that it’s entirely reasonable — not paranoid — to think that anyone in the judicial system will have it in for you if you don’t subscribe to all the prevailing, established views that most of these judges hold. Have you heard of the IRS attack on tea party-libertarian-conservative organizations when it comes to tax-exempt status and tax audits? You don’t hear of that happening to people with pro-Obama or pro-Bernie Sanders views, and I guarantee you never will.

There’s plenty of wrong to go around when it comes to racism or sexism. The difference is that when someone who’s not on the left makes race a central factor, at least when his comments are taken out of context, it’s considered the second coming of Nazi Germany. When progressives and members of the Republican elite establishment do it in the name of affirmative action or political correctness, it’s not even noticed.

As for people like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Newt Gingrich taking Trump to task for this, it’s a joke. They’re playing the same old game they always have: Try to get people on the left to like them, and not think they’re racists. But the fact remains that if you don’t support government ownership of the means of production — socialism — people on the left will always call you a racist. There’s no appeasing them, and these poor, failed, worn out Republicans should stop trying.

Donald Trump is considered a bully, and I don’t doubt he comes across as one, at times. But his bullying seems minor compared to the bullying done every day by people like Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton, who have called people who oppose their policies things like “economic terrorists,” racist or misogynists. They throw these attack labels around far more liberally than Trump on his worst day. Why don’t we call them mean?

These people are never taken to task for their name-calling and bullying; Donald Trump takes the hit whether he’s right, wrong, or whether it’s questionable. Why? Not because he’s a conservative or a Republican, because we all know he’s not really either one of those things; it’s because he’s politically incorrect. That may be the greatest sin of all in today’s society. Yet if Trump manages to win the presidency, that will be the reason. Many have had enough of it.

Michael J. Hurd @ drhurd.com

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