It Takes a Village to Burn a Witch

When the jig was up on Richard Nixon in the summer of ’74, the GOP dispatched its Congressional leadership to the White House to tell the president that, in essence, he was through. They told him that any support from the party had collapsed, and that he could count only on a handful of Republican senators to vote against the impeachment charges already leveled by the House. The rest is history. Nixon resigned his presidency days later.

Can we expect the same from the Democrats? Not bloody likely. I cannot imagine under any circumstances the Democrats dispatching Pelosi, Reid, and other party elders to Chappaqua to tell Hillary the grim news that she must give up her candidacy “for the good of the country.” In other words, don’t hold your breath. First, none of them has the conviction nor the moral fiber to undertake such noble actions; secondly, none of them has the courage. It’s much like belling the cat.

Clinton will stay in the race and face an almost certain and deserved bloodbath at the hands of Donald J. Trump. It takes a village to burn a witch.

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