The Snowflake Meltdown and the Forgotten Man

The Democrats have a lot of fence-mending to do with a once-key constituency of their political coalition—the Forgotten Man—blue-collar voters who get up and go to work every day, obey the law, pay their taxes, and don’t think responsibility is a four-letter word. The Forgotten Man has consistently been given the backhand by the party whose elites cynically and mockingly refer to them as “flyover country.” It is The Forgotten Man who just handed the keys to the White House to a political neophyte who gave voice to their frustrations and connected with them as no one has since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The Democrats could take a huge first step in the long process of reconciliation by addressing head-on the Snowflake Meltdown, the hideous emotional collapse of millions of politically ignorant, pampered, self-indulgent youth who have thrown an infantile, nationwide hissy-fit since Election Day. The Snowflake Meltdown is the rotting corpse of Woodstock, the last gasp of 1972 takeover of the Democratic Party by their aging ideological soulmates. They embraced and promoted a value system inconsistent with objective reality, and took over the principle organs of state propaganda—that being the media and our education system. Taking control of the education system and the minds of our youth is a page right out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, a German import courtesy of the Frankfurt School of Marxist ideology.

The Snowflake Meltdown has taken the form of riots, sit-ins, daily walk-outs from high school and college classes with instructor approval, and massive traffic tie-ups. Obama and the Democratic leadership (in and out of office) have as yet refused to address the Snowflake Meltdown and their manifest disruptive activities. The Democratic leadership should move quickly to call out the Snowflake Movement by name and disavow their childish, disruptive activities often undertaken with the approval and encouragement of their academic mentors preying on their ignorant charges. The vast majority of working-class Americans look upon these activities with disgust and disdain. So do most students. My son, a junior at a major state university, tells us that campus Snowflakes are the subject of widespread ridicule that cuts across racial, gender, even ideological lines.

But don’t look for this to happen soon. The Snowflakes are a key part of the Coalition of Misfits that comprise the Democrat Party. The Snowflakes are also part of the farm team for tomorrow’s blue-state jurists, school administrators, journalists, and lawmakers. The democrats will no more criticize campus Snowflakes than they would the border crossers they hope to groom into reliable voters.

But democrats find themselves caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Trying to reconcile with The Forgotten Man while retaining the loyalty of their hard-left constituencies may be a bridge too far.

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