Singin’ in the Rain


The passing of the legendary actress, Debbie Reynolds, coming one day after she lost her lovely daughter, Carrie Fisher, prompted me to watch the Youtube clip of Gene Kelly’s “Singin’ in the Rain.” The scene is one of the all-time Hollywood classics, maybe the best song-and-dance take in cinema history.

But the scene calls to mind a far deeper meaning to me than the genius of Gene Kelly and his gloriously emotional outpouring at finding his true love in the character played by Debbie Reynolds.

The scene completely epitomizes the optimism and forward-looking nature of the American mindset. Americans have always been singin’ in the rain, come what may.  Despite wars, poverty, and the grinding, daily propaganda we’re fed that we’re doomed to a of life of penury and poverty of spirit, Americans continue singin’ in the rain.

And that’s what drives our enemies, foreign and domestic, nuts—whether it’s…

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