mainestategop: SSI program shows that socialism is a failure and liberals don’t care.

SSI program shows that socialism is a failure and liberals don’t care.

Social Security… The SSI program. Liberals hail it as the toast of socialism. Liberals promulgate SSI as proof that government cares. The social secuirty program cares, the program is there to help those who cannot help themselves and that welfare state is superior to Christian charity.

According to New York Times columnist and leftist Charles Blow, “Social security is the gift of Washington to the American people. It is what makes America a higher standard in freedom and prosperity.”

Just like everything printed by the Bolshevik News media including the Times and its left wing mouth pieces, nothing could be further from the truth…

The SSI program is nothing but pure communism. Worse than Obamacare.

The SSI program was originally intended for those liberals branded too old or too stupid to work. It pays very little, just to show how much liberals really care about the weakest among us… about $450 to $650 a month. Not enough to pay bills, not enough to live!

To make things worse, to receive it one must not hold assets or property worth more than $2000!Government workers and abusive liberal relatives often use SSI’s mandated cap to justify abuse and seizure of assets. Its perfectly legal form of communist money laundering and larceny. The victims are often left destitute on the streets or in institutions. 

 SSI also further degrades human beings by denying them the right to work at a job, the right to own property and assets, the right to exist and the right to live. It also deprives them of their dignity and freedom.

For the last decade, we have received countless emails from innocent people who have had their money stolen from them by liberals and liberal relatives all “for the greater good.” Innocent people who’s lives suddenly changed for the worst thanks to the word of doctors and abusive parents…

My name is Aileen Johnson, I am 34 years old and am currently homeless on SSI in Providence Rhode Island. I am paraplegic after a drunk driving accident when I was 30. I sued and won a settlement for my injuries but my family took it away from me to force me on failing SSI programs. The court ruled in their favor and they even had a doctor say I was crazy to help discredit me and make it easy to steal from me! I was devastated and heartbroken that my family would do this to me. I can’t receive any gifts for Christmas because not only do my family hate me because I am disabled and homeless but SSI would count against it. My payee only gives me $20 a week in allowence and even if I were my own payee, I’d still not have enough to live on. I’ve been waiting for years for housing and all they do is put immigrants and minorities in there instead. I’m hungry, lonely and desperate, I was raped at one time and another time robbed. I also was arrested for sleeping on public property so now in addition to being crippled and disowned by relatives I now have an arrest record.

The Democratic party has always been on the side of racism, inequality and social injustice. What makes it even worse is now they not only deny their history of supporting slavery, Jim crow, segregation, apartheid, corruption and other social ills, they claim to be on the winning side!

So its no surprising that not one Democrat either Rosie O’Donnell or Bernie Sanders or any New York slimes columnist has stood up to point out the injustice inherent in Social security and the evil SSI program. They could’ve used it to even try and find some way to bash republicans and conservatives! I don’t know how, I mean I don’t see why anyone should be denied the right to receive gifts and receive money from work!

The fact that SSI discourages work and wont even let you work is the antithesis of what the republican party and conservatives stand for!

No, the Grand Old Party should not embrace this kind Marxism at all the way the Democrats have. The Democratic party is the party of heartlessness and abuse. Not the Republicans despite all the allegations by liberal, corporate news media.

The left On the other hand, flaunts their cowardly support for SSI and the ruination its created…

My name is Caroline H I am currently residing in an adult care home in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I am not allowed to leave the home without supervision and I am restricted and I receive SSI. I have lived here since I was 18, I am now 23. My parents forced into SSI and forced into this stupid place because they accused me of being mentally ill and said that I would be better off here than working and living a normal life. I don’t know what they were thinking but they are liberal and they were very strict and unloving. They told me that it was very hard living on your own in the world today and didn’t want to me to go through what they went through. Well, I don’t know how bad it could be but I’m worse off now than I would’ve been. I’m forced to take drugs, I’m restricted, I have very little ouside contact and I’m clinically depressed from being here. The only reason I’m able to get this email out is because one of the chaperones who accompanies me to the liberty is sympathetic. they would not let me contact you if they knew what was going on. I don’t want to be here I want to live.

It cannot be emphasized ever more so as I have done on my blog many many times… The truth that it is far more profitable for the government to keep people poor and unemployed than to enable them to climb up the ladder. Sure the SSI victim could become a taxpayer but as Voltaire once said, the comfort of the ruling classes depend on the abundance of the poor. Hence, the liberal elite need destitute struggling welfare recipients to insure its grip on the nation and the nation’s wallet!

What do liberals say about it? Absolutely nothing. They are silent and silence is acceptance and consent! And they would no doubt say that silence is golden. 

Why accept such lies that SSI and social security are good for Americans? To control them of course… Make the state and its rulers Godlike and they can getaway with anything and everything and tell any lie no matter how obvious and absurd and it will always be true. This must be so to secure credibility for the state and deny credibility to its prey.

Teach a man that his government is always right and that professionals are unlikely to be wrong, teach a man that his betters, his rulers and those in authority have infallibility and he will believe anything and everything no matter how ridiculous no matter how offensive. He will jump off any cliff because a doctor or a civil servant says its for his own good.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask some liberals themselves… A year ago we did an article on Roger Bauer, a young intelligent  man who is now married, working and living on his own and has a family. But According to abusive relatives and government Roger is too stupid to do those things he does now and should be on SSI where rather than being productive and employed he suffered misery and abuse. Even his relatives shamelessly supported the abuse!

What is sadder still is that conservative activists have focused all their energy on Obamacare and have ignored SSI and the evils that it has perpetrated for 40 years longer than Obamacare has been around! its a missed opportunity to prove that socialism is evil and a failure everywhere its been tried and a missed opportunity to save innocent lives that have been lost as a result of SSI.

My name is Stewart Zuckerberg, I am 20 years old and reside in a group home outside Pomana California where I have lived miserably for over a year. I was born and raised in California and I was branded as being retarded with Asperger’s syndrome and later labeled with having a borderline mood disorder. I was picked on a lot at school and my parents blamed me for it. They also confiscated my nest egg and money I earned doing chores because they said I had to have no money to qualify for SSI even though its just under $2000! They took everything!

I ended up with nothing and I found out that I would only get $550 a month! WHAT!? I CAN’T LIVE OFF THAT!! I told my mom and dad but they told me it was for my own good and that some doctor said i couldn’t work therefore I couldn’t work.

I ran away. I tried to make it to New Hampshire where I would go to work at a job but I got stuck in New York city. It was awful! I had to stay in a homeless shelter for many months run by nasty people who treated me like crap and some of the people who stayed there were also scary! I almost made it out and I was just three days away from a bus ticket out but I was later discovered by my parents who put out a missing APB on me and the NYPD arrested me and took me to Bellevue hospital. I was then forced on an emergency guardianship under New York’s mental hygiene law and taken in chains back to California. My parents wanted to put me in a group home but they couldn’t find one forme so I wound up homeless again this time in the LA area.

I stayed at winter shelters in LA, one in West LA armory, the other at a catholic church in Glendora and Glenkirk Presbyterian church. The Catholic one was nice but some of the people who ran it including the bus driver were jerks.

My parents wanted to put me in the Roseville home in Roseville California, a group home with a history of abuse. I resisted and while I wasn’t put there I was still put in a home. I am currently staying at a group home near Pomona. It is terrible. The people who live there don’t really care about us, I haven’t been abused yet but I’m worried about it. 

Were not allowed to go outside anytime we want to, we have to go out always being accompanied by a chaperone, I’m drugged up all the time, I can’t walk or move like I used to, I’m obese and diabetic, I have to go to a clinic every week to speak to a guy and tell him what happened to me and this guy doesn’t really care he just proscribes another bottle of pills to make me sick, my parents don’t care either. They call me names, they are mean to me and say that I am on SSI because some doctor said I was stupid and couldn’t work.

The meds have made me obese and I am showing signs of Type 2 Diabetes. I also have trouble with getting an erection and am afraid I could become impotent. My parents dont’ care about the side effects and have threatened harm if I don’t take them regularly. I also live in poverty.

The home I live in is a dump. The people who live there and run the place are also bad. I have no money to spend, at night some of the inmates of the group home play loud music and I am unable to fall asleep. There are ants and cockroaches everywhere, I have no rights, no self esteem, no money, no hope. I don’t know what to do anymore 

I’m miserable, I don’t know what to do.  There are so many things I’ve always wanted to do that I will never ever get to do now that I’m on SSI. Among them, getting married and starting a family, enjoying a cold beer with my friends (I can’t have alcohol while on my meds and no one wants to be friends with an SSI recipient.)I wont ever be able to hold down a job and worst of all never enjoy dignity. I miss playing video games, I miss having real friends, I miss having money…

I wish SSI never  existed. I wish I could be independent and live a normal life. I only wish…

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