Ann Coulter: GOP Rallies Behind Idiotic Bill

Reforming, repealing, and replacing Obamacare, or whatever word is the word du jour, is not complicated as Ann Coulter so poignantly explains. Just give everyone the right to choose the health-insurance plan they want. There is just about nothing in life that is so individually-specific in nature. So many individually-specific criteria are factored into the calculus of health-insurance. A 20-year old, unmarried person’s insurance needs are different by orders of magnitude from that of an 80-year old. Age, gender, existing conditions (there is no such thing as pre-existing—it’s a metaphysical impossibility), finances, and a simple desire to roll the dice, do without it and hope and pray nothing happens. Just allow all of us the right to a “cafeteria-style” health-insurance system. Don’t need nor want pregnancy benefits? Don’t pay for it. Got a lot of money? Buy a Cadillac plan that covers everything from soup to nuts. Don’t have a lot of money? Buy a basic plan. And none of this individual/family differentiation. A couple with five kids should pay much more than a childless couple. This isn’t rocket science.

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