Camille Paglia and I on Public Education

This is so true. Our public school system is nothing more than legalized, institutionalized child abuse. Everyone involved should be horsewhipped. In my interactions with youth, I get the same impression as Camille Paglia—they know nothing and they’re not interested in even talking about it (history, geography, etc.)

Their written English is atrocious–grammar, punctuation, syntax, the whole ball of wax. And they don’t even know their multiplication tables. Incidently, where are the parents? My parents made me do 7-digit multiplication and division problems until I was blue in the face. Night after night till I had it down pat. Many of today’s parents are simply asleep at the switch.

Our kids would better off watching Jeopardy every night than going to school. If at all possible, take your kids out of public school. It costs on average $15,000 to educate kids in the public school system. And it ain’t worth a bootful of piss.…/camille-paglia-public-schools-c…/

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