Why do we constantly talk about race and immigration? Race and immigration? It never ends. That’s all we talk about. We have allowed the Democrats, liberals, cultural marxists and their Republican suck-ups to set the terms of this national debate.

Why do we never talk about balancing the budget or eliminating our $100 trillion federal debt? To me, this is far more important. Why don’t we put off the race and immigration debate until we balance the budget? How can we even consider giving illegal immigrants government money when the government is completely broke? Repeat after me—OUR GOVERNMENT IS COMPLETELY EFFING BROKE.

It’s time we take off our dunce caps, put on our big-boy pants, and start reducing federal spending. I have been proposing for years what I call the two-percent solution. Every single federal program is to be reduced by two-percent annually until the short-term deficit is gone. In the meantime, the long-term deficit should be eliminated by the sale or auction of federal lands and property. The federal government owns trillions of dollars in land and property. It sits atop trillions of dollars in oil, minerals, and timber. We have millions of unemployed and millions on welfare while we allow all of this wealth to go untapped. We have to be the dumbest people on earth.

We must defer action on immigration until we can balance the federal budget. Race and immigration are nothing but distractions from our real problems. It’s time we get our books together. In the meantime, let’s completely freeze immigration. I think I speak for the vast majority of the American people when I say it’s time to drop it already. Just drop it. Why do we focus our attention on non-taxpaying minorities rather than the taxpaying majorities—the people that work to support those who don’t ?

Why has DACA taken on such importance? I’ll tell you why–because it ensures Democratic electoral dominance forever. And why do the Republicans give a damn? I’ll tell you why—because the cheap labor express is funneling millions to the GOP to support amnesty and open borders.

The Artful Dilettante

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