The Totalitarian Doctrine of “Social Justice Warriors” | Observer

It’s true. The social justice movement, like the climate change warriors, the gun-control movement, and anti-free speech movements on nearly every college campus, are marxist, anti-liberty movements at their roots. They are means much more than ends. Except for the grass-roots warriors, the leadership of these groups could not care less about the professed objectives of their respective movements. The leaders of the Climate Change Movement don’t give a fig about climate change. They want your money and your liberty. The Social Justice leaders don’t give a damn about poverty, racism, and the miserable state of the ghettos. They want your money and your liberty. In the end their goal is power—unlimited, unchallenged, unhinged. The anti-gun movement, now spreading like wildfire on high-school and college campuses across the country, has no interest in promoting school safety and stopping gun violence. They want your guns and your liberty. And they are using our kids to advance their agenda.

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