Trump Making Bureaucrats Drink More

This is hilarious. Bureaucrats are finally being treated with the disdain they’ve always deserved. And are behaving in much the way as campus snowflakes. You see, government employment shields the employees from the vagaries of the market. Unlike private-sector employees, bureaucrats don’t have to concern themselves from termination, lay-offs, pay and benefit cuts, and the like. The have a guaranteed lifelong job, with over-the-top benefits, Cadillac health-insurance plans, annual cost-of-living increases, and about eight weeks of paid time-off. Getting fired from a government job is rarer than an apparation of the Blessed Mother or an Elvis sighting. And so, government employment is very attractive to Millennials and snowflakes in general. A guaranteed, generous paycheck for life with outrageous retirement benefits for you and your surviving spouse. Without ever having to concern one’s self with the uncertainties that private-sector employees must face daily.

And they are sometimes rewarded with end-of-year bonuses.  Excuse me !  In the private sector, bonuses are generally rewarded after an exceptionally profitable year, or to an employee who has greatly exceeded sales and production expectations.  Government employees, however, are given end-of-year bonuses just for having a pulse.  

You can’t make this stuff up.  The next time some bureaucrat starts whining to you about his employment situation, tell him to trade places with Bob Cratchett, Dickens’ fictional hero to private-sector workers everywhere whose job is on the line every single day.–A/D


The Trump administration is causing many government bureaucrats to drink more, according to a Friday report.

Various government workers workers told Politico that the stress of working for President Donald Trump’s administration has ruined their dating lives and often caused them to turn to liquor for comfort. Dozens of these employees reported to Politico that the advent of Trump had forever changed their lives.

“My own personal coping mechanism is a lot of denial,” said one Energy Department employee. “That has caused marital stress, since [my spouse] does not appreciate or respect my state of denial. That has caused an issue, although we would not be the only couple in the United States that has struggled with the Trump effect. I’m the frog in the pot that’s boiling along.”

A State Department official also said he was concerned about how the administration was affecting him and whether he would be forever associated with the “worst” of the worst administration.

“There are days I want to leave and work for someone who respects me and appreciates my skills and expertise. I’m worried people years from now will somehow associate me with the very worst of this administration” one State Department official told Politico.

Not all government officials felt the same anxiety as their colleagues, as some Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents expressed that they felt supported for the first time in a while.

The Trump administration has seen some instability, with many people leaving or being fired.

The various departments did not return request for comment in time for publication.

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