Trump Derangement Syndrome by Michael J. Hurd

Psychological explanation for Trump Derangement Syndrome: Most people live their lives in “fakery”. They lack the self-confidence, or even the integrity, to be real and authentic with others. They fawn, swoon, pretend, virtue-signal — whatever it takes to avoid conflict and feel liked by others.

President Trump entered the most phony, dishonest, inauthentic realm in our society — politics. And he’s as authentic as can be. It’s not their disagreements with him that send them into near-psychotic rage.

They had the same disagreements with other Republicans on tax cuts, abortion and defense. Bush Derangement Syndrome was NOTHING like Trump Derangement Syndrome. Not even close.

It’s not ideology or policy. It’s psychological.

President Trump shows it’s possible to be REAL — even when people don’t want to hear about reality — and still attain significant success.

They will never get over his 2016 victory, and if he wins again in 2020, it will break them — even those who are not especially political. It’s what he represents.

The people who hate Trump are not authentic or real in their own personal or professional lives. And they despise President Trump precisely because he IS.


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