Send Her Back

“Send her back” is not an affirmation of racism. It’s an affirmation of “I love my country — and if you don’t love it, get out.”

When your country is a free country, to love your country is to love your freedom. Properly and rationally, you see people who hate your country as a threat to your freedom. Of course you want them out!

And if these toxic members of Congress now known as “The Squad” hate freedom so much, why on earth would they want to stay here? For only one reason: To use their power in Congress and government to curtail or eliminate that freedom.

That’s an objective threat. It has nothing to do with the race of the person who hates freedom. It’s the fact the person hates freedom.

Why is this even an issue? What kind of rational, freedom-loving person could be remotely disturbed by the phrase “Send her back”, when used in this context?

Apologize, they demand. Apologize–for what? You have nothing to apologize for if you express this at a rally in defense of American values. American values refer to FREEDOM. If you hate freedom and the Bill of Rights that make it possible, you DO NOT BELONG HERE.

It’s that simple.


—Michael J. Hurd

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