Why Young People Turn Socialist

Here’s how a young person turns socialist.

One, envy. Envy is the view, “Others have a lot. I can never have a lot. That’s not fair”. A non-envious person sees success or achievement and thinks, “Wow, if he did that, I can do that too”. An envious person thinks, “He can do/have all that. But I can’t. That’s not fair”. All the young socialists I know are envious.

Two, low self-confidence. “I don’t know how to use my mind. I have no clue.” That’s because of Common Core/public education, in most cases. Such schooling is based not just on leftist dogma, but also on the idea that individual minds cannot think objectively, rationally or independently. Conventional education emphasizes group think and group membership, not the individual achievement of objective, independent thought. That’s a recipe for fear and low self-confidence. Fearful people don’t like freedom. Socialism is the drug for the fear.

Three, false confidence. “My favorite music, sports and other celebrities like socialism and leftism. So it must be true.” Heroes are important, especially to young people. Yet their heroes got where they are by the opposite of leftism — through capitalism, self-interest, drive, determination, ambition and the like. Nevertheless, the false leftist views are validated by a sense that because people of importance — “cool” people — think a certain way, it must be valid. Also, teachers tell them throughout their school years that they’re great, no matter how well they achieve or fail to achieve. Most of them believe it, on the surface level. They relate and “think” with superficial confidence and, not so far beneath the surface, have profound anxiety.

Four, false ideology. Both old fashioned religion/traditional values AND modern leftism say the same thing: Man is his brother’s keeper. Your life does not belong to you. There has GOT to be something bigger than yourself. This can only mean: Your life is not the most important thing to you. Your life belongs to others. It may be OK to care for yourself to a point, but the only valid or moral approach to life is to live for others. This fits with socialism. It’s all the socialists talk about.

That’s pretty much it. Try out this theory with young people you know. See where it fits, where it doesn’t fit or what it does or doesn’t leave out.


—Michael J. Hurd

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