Open Borders: The Final Stage of Insanity

Having an open border combined with a welfare state is crazy. It’s like having a really nice house with really nice things inside, and then telling people, “It’s all yours. Come on in any time you want. Take whatever you wish”. What do you think would happen?

It’s stupid not to have locks on your doors. But it’s even more stupid to treat all your things as if they all belong to others. Yet that’s pretty much what we’re doing now in America, or at least we WILL be doing if the leftists, Democrats and RINO types get their way.

It has nothing to do with immigration. Immigration is a great thing — for a free country. In a free country, people are responsible for themselves and themselves only. They can take on whatever responsibilities they wish, but not as an obligation. Only if they choose to do so. The most obvious example of a chosen obligation is to have a child, or a family.

In a welfare state, everyone is responsible for everyone else — under the law. It’s not benevolence. It’s not kindness. It’s coercion. Coercion and kindness do NOT mix.

The problems are so much deeper than the border wall, illegal aliens, and all the rest. The problems go to the core of our society.

We repeatedly elect people into high office who say, “Hey, the more you produce, the more the results of your efforts belong to others”. People who created NOTHING — these 25 or so Democrats running for President — are given the right to treat the products of others’ efforts as their own, and exploit giving them away for political gain. “Look at me! I’m so generous with other people’s money!”

This is sick, wrong, twisted and deranged. It never should have started, and now it’s out of control. You know it’s out of control when these twisted politicians come out and say it’s time for 90 percent tax rates, totally open borders, and a total welfare state.

America is poised to go the way of the Soviet Union, Maoist China, Cuba and Venezuela. The level of ignorance for this to happen is almost too much to contemplate. For a country like Russia, Nicaragua or Venezuela to fall for Communism is one thing. It’s like falling from a second or third floor window. For a country like America to do it, it’s like falling from the top of the world’s highest skyscraper. It’s incredibly stupid and horrifically wrong. I can’t believe it’s happening to the extent it has.

Yet it’s where we are: One of our two political parties saying, in effect, “The doors are open. It’s all yours. Nothing belongs to anyone — except to us, the politicians, of course”.

Madness. Will a majority of voters seriously allow it? We will know in a little over a year. The stakes have been very high for America in the past: The Civil War, the Great Depression, World War II. We are at a similar point now.

Our freedom is ours to save. If we don’t act to keep it, we will lose it. And freedom will have perished from the earth. It can’t happen.

by Michael J. Hurd.


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