White Privilege is a Racist Enterprise

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“White Privilege” Is A Racist Enterprise

Freeman’s Perspective

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Nov 5 at 1:13 PM

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Freeman's Weekly

“White Privilege” Is A Racist Enterprise

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Most of the time I live in my own little world, trying to understand and to build good things. But once in a while new pollutions seep in and require my attention. And so it has become with “white privilege.”

It is now common (and I can hardly believe I’m writing this, even though I know it’s true) to hear “I hate white people” in supposedly educated circles… among people with university degrees.

And so I’ll deal with this new barbarity and get it out of my way:

White privilege is a verdict. It is a conclusion, not a question and not an argument. It claims abuse on the part of the white person… on the part of all white persons.

The verdict is based wholly on skin color. Understand, please, that this is the same as any other ethnic slur, up to and including the so-called n-word. It applies directly to skin tone, condemning a billion individuals at once.

White privilege is absolutely divisive. It claims that white skin defines an individual as a recipient of stolen goods, as a thief, as an abuser, and as an unenlightened ignoramus. All white people are defined this way by the term. It is yet another in the long stream of us-them divides that foment violence. From petty crime to total war, this is the root.

White privilege is anti-mind. It displaces observation, reason and balance. It barbarically shoves a billion people into a single mold and condemns the lot of them.

White privilege is dogma. The use of white privilege dances past reason and steps quickly past the slow and thorny process of trying facts and discovering justice. Rather, its user gets instant status by upholding the dogma that white people are inherently flawed, poisoned, stupid and inferior.

White privilege is full-blown arrogance. The user of the term claims to know everything relevant about you, your history and your soul. And this stands upon group-think and self-aggrandizement. The user surrounds him or herself with a chorus of fellow dogmatists, and jointly they undertake to praise themselves by degrading others.

White privilege is envy, sublimating into hate. White privilege is ultimately the slogan of people who hold painfully low opinions of themselves. Wishing to be free of those feelings is understandable, of course, but envy weaponizes the pain and freezes it in place. And what one envies, one soon enough hates.

Someone who thinks of himself or herself as a competent actor in the universe does not require the degradation of others (much less an entire race) to feel good about themselves. Rather they work, they build, and they seek to cooperate with other people of goodwill. Calling white privilege is an attempt to subdue people that its user sees as above them; to bring them down and to supplant them, ending up with their stuff. It is a crime very much like communism, and if left unchecked it will have similar results.

White privilege is a weapon. Make no mistake, calling out white privilege is an attempt to maim, to diminish and to inflict anguish.

Ultimately, white privilege is devolution. It is the road back to ritual slaughter and killing the other simply because he or she is other.

All Racism Is Poison

Racism is despicable wherever it appears. We are all individuals. Skin color, language, etc. are trivial differences. More than that, they are accidents.

One of the oldest civilizing truths is that justice should be blind. White privilege is precisely the opposite of that. As is any other flavor of racism.

All forms of racism are dark, degrading and devolutionary. This one included.

Paul Rosenberg

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2 thoughts on “White Privilege is a Racist Enterprise

  1. This is so right, just as Saul Alinsky infiltrated the Catholic Churches in South Chicago, we are being duped. Saul Alinsky and his “community organizing” methods and philosophy have had a profound influence on the politics of the United States. Recent history would suggest that this influence is just short of catastrophic.
    Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals,” published in 1971 still has enormous effects on our country today. Hillary Clinton wrote her Wellesley College thesis on Alinsky, interviewing him personally for her research. After her graduation Alinsky offered her a job with his organization, which she refused to pursue other opportunities. President Obama worked for Alinsky organizations and taught seminars in Alinsky tactics and methodology during his “community organizing” period in Chicago. Michelle Obama echoed Alinsky’s words in her speech at the Democratic Convention.

  2. “Community Organizer” is just a term for someone who is not gainfully employed, contributes nothing to the GDP, and encourages people to be predatory and parasitic, like themselves. Today, they are called Social Justice Warriors (SJW). There is no greater threat to Western Civilization than these vermin.

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