The Little Boy Who Rang the Bell

This is the story of the little boy who rang a bell in the city center. When asked why, he said to keep away the elephants. When told there are no elephants, he said, “See? It works!” This is the communist using this “crisis” to implement communism, to keep the elephant virus away by ringing the communist bell of handing everything over to the government. Phase 1 was gaslighting the sheeple into thinking they will die without government intervention. Phase 2 is control the people and shutdown of their businesses. Phase 3 is government providing payment for business rents and payroll. Phase 4 is the government simply stating that since the government already pays for everything that the government now owns the businesses. Communism complete: Total control of the sheeple and a complete takeover of commerce. The liberal States of Washington, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, and New Jersey have implemented martial law, selecting which businesses must close and that the people must stay indoors. This isn’t a quarantine; this is martial law. Just because the communists are using the virus as an excuse doesn’t mean it is not martial law. When the government can tell you to stay home, implement curfews, and shut down businesses, it is martial law. Trump is in on this communist takeover. He is encouraging States to go into martial law and shut down businesses and lock everyone into their homes. To get the people’s cooperation, the government is buying their cooperation. Each adult gets $1,000; $2,000 per couple but only if they make under $150k. Great, huh? Get taxed to give other people free money. Colorado is giving people a pass on parking tickets as though people can no longer seem to properly park. Just as we were moving manufacturing back to America, the communists are closing those businesses making us rely on foreign imports again. Since Trump has surrounded himself with the communist healthcare workers, he is pushing the narrative and supporting “free” money which means both conservatives and liberals, alike, support him and this effort to take over the country by the communists. We are past the tipping point. Americans are fully endorsing any and all measures. They actually want more closures. The drama queens are begging to have all their liberties taken away in the name of safety. They are begging for their businesses to close, thinking somehow Uncle Sugar will hand them money to live on instead of having to work. For those of us not so stupid as to fall for this communism propaganda, we have the right to take on jobs and visit businesses of our own free will. This is the liberals taking away our right to choose. The WHO estimates between 250,000 and 500,000 die worldwide from the flu. China had 81,000 infected of a population of 1.4 billion and have now lifted their quarantines and claim to have no new cases. South Korea with 8,600 cases likewise has seen a tremendous drop in new cases. This virus so far is the typical flu level symptoms and treatment. Nothing to be taken lightly, but nothing to go and shut down the country for either. Hillary only needs to wait until the July democrap convention to show up and say, “See? I told you Trump would screw things up! I’m here to save you from that idiot!” She has been preparing to enter the race (notice new face lift, makeup, hair, clothing), and she can win when 30+% of the country is unemployed, a million small businesses have been closed by government dictators, the people are living under martial law and cannot travel, and basic necessities are no longer found and people are wiping their butts with anything they can find. Anyone feel stupid yet?

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