Face Masks Now a Political Statement

The CDC now wants everyone to wear a face mask. President Trump says he, personally, will not wear one. The media’s headlines now say things like, “President Trump undercuts his own CDC by not wearing a face mask.” It’s the same CDC that said, just a few weeks ago, NOT to wear face masks because they don’t help that much and you need to save them for hospital staff. It’s the same CDC and WHO that tell us coronavirus does not spread through the air, based on all the evidence.

I predict face masks will now become a political statement. Leftists and Democrats are more nasty and hateful than ever. This crisis hasn’t united us, in case you haven’t noticed. Just look at Nancy Pelosi’s actions in Congress, ramping up for another impeachment. All these bitter, perpetually outraged (deep down terrified) leftists have time to do is watch CNN, MSNBC and all the other mouthpieces for their precious collectivist and irrationalist ideology.

So when these leftists go out to the local drug store or grocer, you’ll be able to spot the Democrats. They’ll be the ones wearing the face masks. Their media and their CDC told them to. If you’re not wearing one too, they’ll give you a hard time or a nasty look because you must be a Trump supporter.

The real issue isn’t Trump. It’s authority. There are two types of people in the world. Those who yearn to follow authority — not reason or logic, but authorities like the Chinese Communists, the WHO (same thing), the Democrats, or the CDC. Authorities with POWER, not because they’re right. And then there are those who resist. Just like the spying and telling on your neighbors. It’s exactly what went on in Fascist Italy in the 1940s and Maoist Communist China in the 60s and 70s, and probably still today. I never thought we’d get like this in America. And so quickly.

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