The Reality of Socialism

The COVID-19 lockdown is a warning of the reality of socialism
The current emergency is similar to the daily lives of those suffering under socialistic slavery. Why would anyone want socialism ?
The COVID-19 lockdown is a warning of the reality of socialism

Economic devastation.
Food shortages.
The suppression of essential human rights and censorship.
Leftists exploiting an emergency situation to empower themselves.
Neighbors snitching on neighbors.
Innocent people being confined while the guilty run amok.
Healthcare rationing.
Anyone who has studied socialism (or one of its cynical variations: Collectivism, Fabianism , Fascism, Trotskyism, Maoism, etc.,) will have noticed an interesting pattern over the past few weeks. Current events mimic the economic chaos, authoritarianism, and suppression of basic human rights of socialistic slavery almost perfectly.

It should be no surprise that authoritarian leftists like Woodrow Wilson have exploited emergencies to impose ‘war socialism’ on the people with no regard for their welfare. While all of this may seem abnormal to those used to liberty and individual rights, this is just everyday life for those having to deal with socialistic slavery.

But of course, no one would actually advocate or vote for a system such as this. So naturally, the left has to incessantly lie about the true nature of their socialist national agenda with tired old falsehoods such as ‘socialism has never really been tried before’, ‘socialist nations aren’t really socialist’ or that non-socialist nations are actually socialist. The fact that they have to incessantly lie about their base ideology speaks volumes.

We have an opportunity to experience the deprivations and devastation of the left’s socialist national agenda without being locked into it for life. We should heed the warning and reject it outright.

Economic devastation, food shortages
This is a common element of socialist nations because collectivist systems are based in central planning that never works. A top-down command economy will never be as efficient as one based on economic freedom. Thus we see the same problems, howbeit for slightly different causes.

Some of the nation’s socialist left have pointed to the temporary lines for food shopping as though it’s some sort of endemic failure when that sort of thing is a common occurrence in collectivist economies.

Powered by the suppression of essential human rights socialists tend to obsess about empowering themselves, thus gun confiscation is always one of their first priorities. They also cannot abide people gathering and exercising their right of free speech in opposition to their ‘rule’.

At the beginning of this emergency, many suddenly realized that they were their own first responder. It didn’t help that leftists wanted the innocent confined and the guilty released.

The Chi-Com Virus excuse was also perfect for suppressing other inconvenient civil and human rights, resulting in the nation’s left going hog wild in coming up with new ways of going after these.

Leftists exploiting an emergency situation to empower themselves
Nothing describes the authoritarian left better than the phrase “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” They have a lot of difficulty in pushing their schemes in normal times. So they wait for a good crisis to get it ‘Rahmed’ through.

In the case of National Socialist German Workers’ party, they used the Reichstag fire to take control. For the nation’s socialist left in the states, they are trying to use the Chi-Com Virus excuse to push for mail-in voting as a drastic structural change.

A reported in The Daily Signal, this is a very bad idea as outlined by Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow in The Heritage Foundation and a presidential Trump appointee to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity:

Mail elections have all kinds of security problems. And the reason is very simple, these are the only kind of ballots that are being voted out of sight and out from under the supervision of election officials.

And, in places that allow ballot harvesting—and that, again, is something that Pelosi wanted to mandate everywhere—party activists, candidates, political guns for hire, they will be going through neighborhoods trying to collect those absentee ballots to make sure they get voted. And that’s why those kinds of procedures are dangerous.

In one particular case, they are trying to bypass the people representatives and ‘Rahm’ through a dangerous change to election law by executive fiat. The Voter Integrity Project has detailed a New “Crisis” Power Grab in North Carolina:

The Cooper Administration is pushing a sleepy little change to our state’s Administrative Code that will give his hand-picked Director of Elections, Karen Brinson Bell, all the authority they want in order to institute last-minute “emergency” changes to our election laws, all without legislative approval, and this could include all-mail voting and California-style ballot harvesting.

There’s an April 20th deadline for public comments on Bell’s proposed changes that add “other public health incident” language to the excuses she has for exerting emergency powers.

The left usually cannot implement measures that are an extreme danger to our representative republic, so they have to lie in wait for an emergency as in the case with authoritarian socialists.

Neighbors snitching on neighbors
Socialist regimes have to rely on a secret police apparatus to keep the people in check. Having promised fantastic giveaways of other people’s money in order to buy votes, leftist then need to rely on oppression and mass murder when everyone notices that the promises are never fulfilled.

These secret police rely on informants to keep an eye on everyone. So that no one gets out of line because they don’t know who will turn them in.

A number of leftists have gone the same way, encouraging people to snitch on their neighbors with today’s example being New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio channeling his inner Gestapo officer:

Innocent people being confined while the guilty run amok
It was noted in ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn that in the ‘re-education’ camps, the common criminals were usually elevated over the political prisoners, such that they would run the camps under the auspices of the guard complement. The Soviet socialists considered the criminals to be merely the victims of society and were given extra privileges because of this belief.

We are witnessing the same inversion of justice with the Chi-Com Virus pandemic in that innocent people are confined at home, or arrested if they dare venture out. The authorities are releasing criminals out into the street, increasing the crime rate and spreading the disease… a two for one special.

The bottom line: If you hated the last few weeks, you would hate a socialist utopia
Leftists love to cherry-pick their trite little secular religion of the promises of a perfect society, complete with equality and all kinds of free stuff paid for with other people’s money. The reality is far from this as exemplified by the 400 years of failure of their base ideology.

The irony is that all of this was caused by socialism with Chinese characteristics, reaffirming the caveat that if socialism caused the problem, socialism isn’t the solution.

If anything, the past few weeks shows everyone that this is an impossible goal. The true reality is what we are living now instead of their false promises. Think about this time whenever leftists bring up the failed ideology of socialism as a reason to reject it.

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