Black Lives Matter

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? Luke 11:13 (King James Version)

The Three Pillars (Academia, Media, and the DNC) has finally got their militant pillar to enforce their cult. The thug groups Certain Black Lives Matter and their sister group of Anarchists will now either beat up or kill anyone who disagrees with the Three Pillars of Propaganda. These are exactly the same people who terrorized the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and every other communist dictatorship over the last 100 years and now are established in the DNC.

The cult of Communism is burning the cities again as it uses massive moral relativism to justify any crime or assault since they make the rules, they draw the lines wherever they want. There is no God in their religion only manmade worship and rules similar to Islam. When man makes the rules violence and death will always follow and this is what we are beginning to witness.

In a God based faith there is no negotiating of sins since they are written clearly in the Bible. This is why it has worked efficiently throughout the histoir of America. A little French lingo thrown in for Rush. This is also why they have to eliminate the country’s histoir since they have to prove it does not work when it is clear that it has worked better than any other system in the world. To make it not so they have to change the definition of not working to include racism even though America has lost a half a million men deciding that issue.

My family is the perfect example of America’s opportunity. My GGGrandfather fought and died in the Civil War as a member of the Missouri Confederate Cavalry. He died at 53 yrs. old leaving eight children and a widow who eventually died in Arkansas.

Now everyone will claim he was a racist for fighting for the Confederacy even though he had no slaves they will claim he was fighting to maintain slavery. If that was the case, why was he a Quarter Black as his GGrandmother was a free black woman whose African father immigrated to America freely and claimed 750 acres in Virginia? The reason he likely fought is because the North was doing what they were famous for, taxing and strangling the South for their wealth and the South’s poverty.

My family tree as I found recently is the perfect symbol of the beautiful melting pot of America. It is truly a Heinz 57 family with all sorts of nationalities and colors making the Kaleidoscope which represents America. Does anyone believe these thugs we see roaming the streets would welcome the colorful basket which represents America? Of course not, once they take power you see a tyranny which will rape and pillage for their own satisfaction and oppression. This is and never has been allowed in America.

When my GGGGGrandfather came across from England in 1735 as the founding Bray, men were coming over from Europe in droves. They did not bring families since it was generally a single man’s idea and adventure which meant there was a severe shortage of women to begin families. This is why there was large numbers of Native women married as well as adopted marriages from husbands who were killed as the wives would remarry in a clan or group where I found one man had around a dozen adopted wives and 57 children. This is what happens when you are settling a wild country and protecting the children. When you go back to those days there is a rich history of care and compassion for all races.

These are the statues and history the Three Pillars wants to eliminate since it sheds a different light on America. It was settled by people wanting to make as perfect a land as they could make it according to the limitations of man. I would not be surprised if my Black grandfather came over here claimed the land and had slaves work the land, it is how land was cleared and planted in the 1700s. It was how it has been done since the dawn of man and is not a moral decision but a survival one.

Most plantations kept their slaves decades after the Civil War working out a room and board arrangement which looked remarkably similar to slavery to harvest the crops until the invention of the steam engine. Once tractors and harvesters came onto the farms it was the end of much of the slave labor and the workers assisted the machines which of course the Three Pillars do not like either.

Where did all of these slaves come from and why did they have such a strong Christian faith throughout their histoir? The reason is a large share of the slaves were captured by the Mooselips in the 1700s as they conquered the black Christians across Africa. They would conquer the mostly peaceful Christians rape and kill along the way while capturing slaves by the thousands. They were then sold to the slave traders and shipped to America and every other country around the world. This is still being done in many of the countries in Africa as the slave trade is still being practiced in over 150 countries around the world and not a peep from Certain Black Lives Matter.

The real reason for the Civil War was the South wanted to stay more colonial and less Federal. They had large states which wanted to set their own laws and taxation rather than having it decided by the population centers in NY and the NE Corridor and who could blame them. They were not allowed railroads to move their agriculture and treated like second class citizens which eventually made them want to leave the Union. My Forefather fought even though he was a quarter Black which goes against everything the left is saying. He was fighting against the same thing we would be fighting against today which is an oppressive gummit with excessive taxation, same thing the Revolutionary war was about.

The Three Pillars of Propaganda are rewriting America’s history and making it into something it isn’t. They now have a militant wing which is going to terrorize anyone who does not march in lockstep with their version of how bad America is. Anyone who has a history like mine which does not fit their cookie cutter view will be ignored and shunned. Stories of Blacks coming here freely and marrying daughters to white men and then giving them land to raise a family does not fit the storyline and is verboten.

My family is America. It has every race and struggle from the Revolution to the CW to WWII who all had the save yearning for freedom and America. I am proud of all of them willing to put their lives on the line to fight for what they believe. They were all fighting against tyranny and oppression and for the America we have today.

The people we have fighting against America today are the exact wrong people you want in charge of your lives. These are the same people who built the showers and gas chambers in Germany and had the mass gulags across Siberia, they would kill you for wrong speak and everyone knows it. They are for massive oppression and discrimination based on their definitions of right and wrong. These are the people my family has fought since 1735 and I will continue to fight in 2020. They are the slave owners and we are the freedom fighters.

Pray for the election—Saturbrey

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