America’s in Bad Shape

Lockdowns for 3 months. Democratic mayors/governors exercise unlimited dictatorial power through permanent “emergency” orders, closing churches, closing private businesses, rewarding and loosening restrictions on the politically favored — left-wing rioters, weed shops, abortion clinics. Republicans shamed into doing the same, in a more limited way.

Rioting and anarchy unpunished by Democrat mayors — and openly supported by some.

Lockdowns loosened and then reinstated for no apparent reason, other than skewed numbers that reflect massive increases in testing. Republicans quickly shamed to do the same. Locking down, loosening and then locking down again arguably WORSE than simply locking down for good. It’s like letting a prisoner out, and then abruptly putting him back in solitary confinement.

It’s sick, sadistic and wrong. Millions of Americans applaud it — revealing that millions of Americans are sick, sadistic, masochistic and truly bad. Millions more curse it, but without doing anything about it. They’re productive, law-abiding good people. What are they to do? Riot in the streets? It’s not their way. And if they did — unlike the Black Lives Matter terrorists, they’d be mowed down.

President Trump doesn’t seem to WANT to fall for it. But he appears to keep falling for it. He’s all we’ve got. But will he be able to defeat these terrorizing, evil tyrants who still call themselves “Democrats”?

America is in trouble. Please show me where I’m wrong.

Michael J. Hurd

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