Surprising Election Result in Biden’s Summer Hang-out

Interesting little development in my neck of the woods, and also the town where Joe Biden owns a beach house. The mayor of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, was decisively defeated yesterday in his reelection bid for mayor. For months, the mayor has throttled, harassed and threatened small town businesses over COVID, even as the death numbers for the mostly nonfatal virus have gone down, down, down. He has ruined the boardwalk and shopping district for the summer (their prime earnings season), and has already driven some restaurants into bankruptcy.

At one low point last spring, the mayor threatened to build a wall blocking the view of the ocean from the boardwalk (Joe Biden’s oceanfront view would remain intact, of course). Earlier in the summer, he forced sunbathers on the beach to wear face diapers (excuse me, face masks) and after the ensuing outcry he defensively replied that at least “you don’t have to wear them in the water.” He was forced to back down on this one, but ordered the police to harass vacation goers who refused to wear face diapers.

It’s the kind of disgusting tyranny and thuggery disguised as compassion and concern that has dominated blue states and cities in particular throughout what was once our land of liberty. Rehoboth Beach is a pretty Democratic area, but they still threw the arrogant prick out. It’s a gleam of hope for November. If people are this angry in Joe Biden’s summer beach home, hopefully they’re mad as hell everywhere. While I know next to nothing about the mayor’s successor, kudos to Rehoboth Beach voters for putting out the trash.

Michael J. Hurd

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