People Preoccupied with Race are RACISTS

People preoccupied with race are RACISTS. Democrats and leftists are obsessed with race. It’s all they talk or think about. They accuse others of racism, people who don’t even think about race at all. These race-obsessed bullies are trying to quiet the noise of their own minds. They’re trying to quell the guilt caused by their own racism, or by their fear they might be racist. Their neurosis should not be OUR problem. And yet it is. Cities are paralyzed by anarchy and we’re watching them disappear, one by one: New York, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland. They promise to come for suburbs and small towns next.

Leftism is a cancer. It’s a malignancy that swallows up civilization, beauty and freedom. We have to stop these tyrants. Voting is essential. But we need more than that. We need resistance. If we have to storm the palace gates, like America’s founders did, then so be it. Passive resistance is powerful, too. Millions of people disobeying these idiots, with their pointless mask orders and denunciation of everything American. Sometimes there IS strength in numbers. We have to learn that. These fools are worse than what the American colonists faced with the British. There’s no rationality, no civility, no justice. It’s sheer destruction. If we let it all go, it would be the greatest crime in human history.

Michael J. Hurd

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