Vote as if Your Life Depends on it

The most noteworthy thing about the Democratic convention last week was their failure to mention ANYTHING about the rioting and looting in cities run exclusively by their party. It’s the mentality of dictators. They refuse to speak of failures of their policies. President Trump speaks openly of Democratic failures. He gets called a “racist”. It’s what tyrants do. They blame and condemn anyone who criticizes them. And once they have enough power, they imprison and murder anyone who criticizes them. Just ask the people of Hong Kong, who now fully live under China’s one-party dictatorship.

With our own version of the Chinese Communists, the Democrats, ALL the signs are there. Voting for President Trump is your only option. If you fail to get out and vote, and instead wait for the perfect candidate eventually to emerge, you will soon find the dictators are in charge, or perhaps worse, a civil war has broken out beyond American cities. President Trump and Republicans need a landslide. A blowout. Nothing less will push back America’s totalitarian leftists. They will still never give up. The battle for freedom is never over. VOTE. As if your life depends on it.

Michael J. Hurd

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