The “Karens” of the World and the Closet They Created

I have never seen a “closet” like the closet full of Trump supporters. Gays and lesbians never knew a closet like the one reserved for non-leftists in 2020 America. The hatred and hostility greeted toward non-dissenters — “deplorables”, they call us — is remarkable. The people who used to drive gays, lesbians and others into their “closets” at least made no pretense of their actual love of others, most of the time. The haters who favored racial segregation at least didn’t pretend to do it in the name of love; today’s haters who burn down businesses are full of pretense. Ironically, today’s Communist Democratic leftists really, truly are the most hateful people alive. I’m not just talking of the high profile ones — the sinister figures in the swamp, the media and all the rest. I’m talking about the typical person who’s a leftist, who assumes that everyone else of course must be one, and, if you’re not, well then — well there’s hell to pay. At least in their minds.

I think this shows how people of the socialist ideological persuasion are on a power trip. Whether they make it to the level of a Hillary Clinton or a Nancy Pelosi, or whether they’re just an average person, the appeal of leftism is a desire for power over others. That really became clear with the whole COVID overreaction and subsequent mask mandates, social distancing rules, etc. That was when we finally started to see how the “Karens” of the world really crave that power, and they’re going to get it any way they can. To them, it’s literally paradise on earth to be able to socially and morally shame others — with the power of a Governor behind them, no less!

That’s how such people get their crudely defined self-esteem: Intimidating others into doing what they want them to do. That’s what Communism is, after all. It’s a creepy, sinister and utterly evil philosophy based on the idea that nobody owns his or her own life; that nobody is sovereign over his or own individual self. And yet YOU, the Communist (the leftist, the Democrat, the “Karen”, it’s all the same) are permitted to sit in judgment on those whom you will compel and control. I always suspected it, but never having lived in a totalitarian country, I could never be sure. Now I’m sure, because now I AM living in the beginning stages of a totalitarian country. COVID and the terrorist takeover of cities is just the start.

Which brings us back to the closet: The people who detest what’s happening and are afraid to say so publicly, who are afraid to put up Trump signs in their yards, who are afraid even to disagree with their big-mouthed, arrogant, pushy, bossy friends or relatives who are on the side of all things statist and authoritarian … THEY, the closeted deplorables, are the ones who deserve to be in control of the country, because they don’t seek to control people. They simply wish to preserve their freedom.

And it’s freedom that the Karens of the world, the socialists and Communists, simply cannot stand. It’s dangerous and shameful to let them win, or to let them even enjoy two seconds of psychological power over anyone.

Michael J. Hurd

Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.

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