What Happened to America ?

They say, “Never forget”. Well, anyone now prepared to vote for Biden and his Communist cohorts clearly forgot. Perhaps they never had a clue, in the first place.

I remember 9/11 well. It temporarily united the country. The country wasn’t nearly as divided in 2001, but it was divided. Not in the weeks after 9/11. I remember Chris Matthews, on MSNBC, even making a comment that we had to go over to the Middle East and blow up those terrorists. Today, MSNBC routinely and approvingly talks of a coup — not just against the President of the United States should he win reelection, but against the millions and millions of Americans who do not want what MSNBC wants: global Communism.

9/11 was a shocking display of terrorism by foreign individuals with a brutally anti-freedom agenda. Yet today’s growing mayhem in our own cities represents the same kind of terrorism, brought about by AMERICAN individuals who wish to replace freedom with wildly insane anarchy followed by totalitarianism. What happened to you, America?

Michael J. Hurd

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