Democrats Say Nothing “off the table”

Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer say nothing is “off the table” for stopping President Trump from appointing a Supreme Court justice, with the approval of the U.S. Senate — as he is both Constitutionally entitled and obliged to do.

Nothing is “off the table”. What else can they put on the table? A tyrannical lockdown of the entire country? Done. Mob violence, anarchy, destruction of life and property in all cities run by Democrats, making those cities almost uninhabitable? Done. A promise to obliterate the Bill of Rights if elected — and to literally burn down the country if we don’t elect them? Done. A faux impeachment? Done. A fake scandal claiming a Russian conspiracy? Done. A cynical, desperate scheme to paralyze the voting process itself, ensuring fraud in their favor (they hope), by relying on the horrifically inept post office to deliver most of the ballots days or weeks after election day, throwing the country into a Constitutional crisis if not a second civil war? Done. Promises to character-assassinate people who work for President Trump, savagely vilifying anyone who supports him for any reason, regardless of facts? Done.

What else is there to put on the table? Blackmail, intimidation, coercion, thuggery, terrorism, insurrection, dictatorship, a virtual police state … None of this has frightened President Trump, his supporters or anyone else who is not a Communist or fascist.

So what next, Democrats? You set the table long ago. We don’t care what you say, think, feel or do. Not ever again.

Michael J. Hurd

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