Nobody Can Whine Like a Leftist

Democrats call Republicans appointing judges to the courts “packing the court”. When they do the same thing, they don’t call it that. It seems that ACTUALLY packing the court — which means arbitrarily altering the Constitution in order to ensure a permanent majority for your own party — is acceptable, when Democrats do it. (And they won’t even tell you they’re going to do it.) But when Republicans merely do what’s permitted and required of them by the Constitution, when they happen to control both the White House and the Senate, it’s suddenly illegitimate.

These are bad, dishonest and really STUPID people, these Democrats. It comes from only talking to each other. They live in intellectual and psychological echo chambers. They think they’re really sophisticated and bright. They’re really idiots.

Nobody can whine like a leftist. However, it’s not leftist judges who wobble. Look at the Supreme Court. Democrat-appointed judges stick to the party line — now the Communist Party line — without blinking or yielding. Ever. It’s Republicans who sometimes sway — most notably Chief Justice John Roberts, who infamously swayed by upholding Obamacare in a bizarre, self-contradictory decision nobody on either side ever understood.

Democrats don’t care about justice, separation of powers, individual rights, or anything else. They only care about what all Communists care for: Unlimited, unending power.

Michael J. Hurd

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