Give Me Liberty, not Marxism

America and her freedoms are worth defending, but both are rapidly approaching a critical tipping point.  On November 3rd, Americans go to the polls to vote for our future and, subject to the election’s outcome, we must be ready to aggressively push against those who would trash this great nation should the radical Democrat Party elite take over the White House and Senate and begin to push an anti-constitutional agenda.

President Donald Trump may not be a perfect candidate but his almost four-year policy record is quite impressive.  President Trump appointed more than 190 mostly strict constitutional constructionists to our federal courts; pushed back at communist Chinese tyrants on a host of critical issues; installed pragmatic immigration policies and built more than 200 miles of wall on our southern border that protects American citizens; and gave us a great economy even after considering the COVID-19 shutdown. 

By comparison the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate, former vice president Joe Biden, is a pawn of the left who appears to have failing mental health given his frequent gaffes, quite apart from his refusal to answer critical questions such as to whether he will pack our Supreme Court, creating a superlegislative body that would destroy our constitutional checks and balances.  Further, Biden’s mixed messages on other policy issues are alarming: he is coy about whether he would undermine our prosperous energy policies by ending fracking; wreck the economy by reversing the Trump tax cuts thus burdening the middle class; promote anti-family policies on homosexuality and abortion; open wide our borders to floods of illegals; embrace socialized medicine which would ruin the world’s best health care system; and perhaps most disconcerting, he refuses to condemn the likes of Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, albeit while failing to condemn the left’s calls to defund the police.

For these reasons I consider the coming election the most important of my lifetime – a true moral tipping point for America.  The Democrat Party establishment and their anti-American sponsors like George Soros, an assortment of other leftist billionaires and Hollywood luminaries would flush our form of government and impose a tyranny on our country not that different from the circumstances that ignited our founding revolution.

Our Founders fought the tyranny of the British crown in the 18th century to win American independence.  Those early patriots outlined their many grievances in our Declaration of Independence which gave justification for resisting the British tyrant who used the heel of his boot — that nation’s military — to keep the American colonists in check.  Fortunately the ranks of English redcoats weren’t enough to contain freedom-seeking patriots, because our forefathers vigorously resisted, at first through appealing peacefully to the crown for justice and then by mounting armed opposition to win our future.

I’m not in favor of armed rebellion should the Democrats retake the White House and Senate.  However, as in the 18th century, some things are worth fighting for.  Our Founders embraced the Bill of Rights to our Constitution, which guaranteed citizen liberties such as free speech, religious liberty, and protection from government overreach as well as the right to bear arms.  Today those liberties are under serious assault by the left and I hope there never comes a time when today’s patriots, those who believe in our founding liberties, must choose between surrendering our rights and the demands of a host of modern tyrants.

Today’s leftists must fail, as did the 18th-century British tyranny because patriots then and now must confront freedom’s tipping point or else today’s left will destroy our heritage of liberty.  Conditions could deteriorate as they did for millions of souls over past centuries who lived under the oppressive thumb of Soviet Russia and others today that live under the harsh rule communist tyrants in Beijing and the iron fist of socialists in Venezuela or Islamic fascists in Iran.

God-fearing Americans today must not be naïve about what is at stake in the coming election.  You don’t have to like President Trump to vote against the Democrats’ radical agenda.  Leftists are fueling the so-called Democratic Party’s campaign to transform America, and the threat is dangerously real, a true existential ultimatum to our form of government, especially our freedoms.

Under the banner of the Marxist-inspired leftist Democrats, Joe Biden and his phalanx of radical donors and elitist progressives intend to transform this country by packing our courts with leftist ideologues, radicalize every defining American institution (family, education, religion, and economy), trample our freedom of faith and speech and make America a godless society ruled by progressive elites who enshrine big government as the nation’s god, shutter our churches, and confiscate our arms.

Such tyranny if it comes to pass must be opposed with all our might.  We need to stand up, much as our founders Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams who disputed British tyranny with words and then with muskets.  Those forefathers knew America was a special place where liberty, free speech, and faith must prosper and godless elitists and tyrants must fail.  Resisting the oppressor was worth all that our Founders willingly surrendered for the hope of freedom.

True patriots today know that anti-American Marxists are the puppet masters behind the Democrat Party establishment that seeks to transform this nation in the name of “progress.” Their agenda is straight out of the pit of hell.  They threaten our security as seen on America’s streets this summer. They intend to forever change our form of government.  They are ideologically against our God, our liberty, and individualism, and believe they know better than those who gave us a government of checks and balances that has for more than 200 years preserved the best form of self-rule the world has ever known.

These miscreants behind the veil of the Democrat Party are evil progressives, power-crazed and self-deluded.  They are the most dangerous types of radicals who promise to redistribute America’s wealth to their liking and will use the strong arm of government to realize their will — a true Marxist strategy.

Americans who love this country must take stock.  We are at another 1776.  We can either naively embrace a Marxist agenda under the progressive guise of social justice or we can resist first through our votes, our peaceful protests, and then, as a last resort, like our Founders exercise our right to protect ourselves from an over reaching federal government.

God save America and grant wisdom to our present-day Patrick Henrys, Thomas Jeffersons and John Adams, where-ever they may be!

Robert Maginnis is a retired U.S. Army officer and the author of seven books, the most recent is Collision Course: The Fight to Reclaim Our Moral Compass Before It Is Too Late.

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