Property Rights are not only Yours by Birthright, Property Rights are Innate

Property rights are one of our three basic natural rights–i.e. life, liberty, and property.  They are universal and transcendent. Ours by birthright, not permission.  

Moreover, property rights are inherent, inborn, congenital.  When it comes to property rights, humans are hard-wired for property rights. Witness, what are one of the first words babies express after mama and dada ?  It’s not ours, and it’s not theirs, and it’s not yours. It’s MINE. 

Even animals are hard-wired as such.  Try taking a bone from your family hound.  Big mistake.

Socialists would be well advised not to waste their time trying to change human nature.  It is an exercise in futility.

The Artful Dilettante

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