$ 4,250 an Hour to Teach Hate

MADISON — Pushers of ‘white privilege’ and “critical race theory” are making a killing on Woke campuses with an insatiable appetite for racist antiracism.

This week, the University of Wisconsin-Madison (where white shaming is a hotter commodity than Badger T-shirts) hosted a virtual event dubbed, “The Pandemic Effect: Exposing Racism and Inequalities.”

The two-day session featured Robin DiAngelo, critical race educator and author of the New York Times bestseller, “White Fragility.” The keynote speaker for UW-Madison’s 2020 Diversity Forum earned a cool $12,750 for her three-hour address, according to The College Fix. That’s $4,250 per hour.

What did DiAngelo do to earn such a hefty pay day? She told the 3,300 people who viewed her discussion, “Seeing the Racial Water,” that the world is mired in systemic discrimination, such as sexism and ableism. Of course the white people tuning in wouldn’t understand, the charlatan asserted.

“If you are white and you have not devoted years of sustained study, struggle and focus on this issue, you will have opinions that will be uninformed and superficial,” DiAngelo said during her speech, The College Fix reported.

DiAngelo, who is white, would not allow her session to be filmed. Her contracts stipulate as much.

Forum attendees also could join interactive breakout sessions on “Witnessing Whiteness at UW-Madison.” They could learn that “Niceness is not anti-racism,” or be schooled on “Liars, Cheaters and Short-Haired Girls: Lessons on Gender Identity, Discrimination, Microaggressions and Beyond.”

It looks like two corporations chipped in to this white-shaming event.

“Thank you to sponsors American Family Insurance and US Bank for helping keep the UW–Madison Diversity Forum free and open to the entire community,” a UW webpage states.

As Empower Wisconsin reported earlier this month, Ibram X. Kendi, maybe the most well-known of the antiracism hucksters, raked in $20,000 in August to indoctrinate Fairfax County, Va. school leaders and administrators. Kendi was widely criticized for characterizing Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett as a “white colonizer.” Why? Because Barrett and her husband, who are white, had the audacity to add to their loving family two children they adopted from impoverished Haiti.

His books are being purchased and taught to students in Madison, Stoughton and elsewhere. And Kendi is scheduled to speak next week at Madison College. The event is sold out.*

Empower Wisconsin

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