Trump’s Perfect Storm

Matthew 23:23 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

President Donald J Trump is the luckiest man on the planet and in this case his luck is earned by incredibly hard work. As the final days of the campaign are winding down, we are watching the perfect storm for a big re-election. We are witnessing one of the most unique elections seen in modern times as the virus is not only the main scare tactic of the Communist Party, it is also the most damaging plague on their Get Out The Fraud Campaign.

Our small group who have been chasing votes in the GOTV portion have noticed we are the only ones chasing votes. The usual army of Dems in this got the Blues state of Oregon is void of the Peoples Army beating the streets. There are no union workers, no paid workers and no people period going door to door. A part of it is there is no feeling of necessity since it is not really a contested state, but there is nobody manning the fort which is good news for upsetting a few local folks and who knows a long shot for Trump.

The other factor is there is nobody allowed into the old folk homes to gather ballots in the numbers they have done in the past. They are not able to fill out the dementia and dying people’ votes as they have done in the past with their union workers. They likely will have their usual counting fraud although that is being hamstrung due to spacing and virus protocols so their machine in Oregon is obviously broken and it will be closer to a fair fight than it has been in decades.

If this is the case across the country, it is possible the fraud may not be as easy to do as has been done in the past which is why they are beginning to panic. There are already rumors as they are not getting the normal votes they manufacture in Miami and Philly which looks like Florida is very likely in Trump’s hand and as they say, as goes Florida so goes the election. If places like Milwaukie and Philly are having the same problems due to the Chinese virus it may be a runaway for President Trump. It appears from this deep blue state, which is locked down tighter than Alcatraz, nobody on the DNC side wants to talk to anyone let alone knock doors and this is the critical time to be knocking and winning.

The time is now to get the late voting Repubs and Independents since nobody is talking to them. It is a completely open field waiting to be harvested so all the Trumpsters have to go out and knock those doors and give out the voter guides. You will be amazed how many people thank you for the guide to fill out their ballot.

Make sure to give the person plenty of space but they are happy to see you and wanting to talk. This has the smell of something historic as it has come down to do you want to stay locked down or do you want out of your house and back to living your life?

Oh, how fun is it to see those sanctimonious mediots twisting themselves into a pretzel screaming, Not Ukraine, Not Russia, Not China Joe. After four years of outrage they haven’t the slightest curiosity whether their guy is corrupt, well at least we can be assured they are since they prove it every day. They are the dirty cops who are paid off by the drug dealer only at least the cops are paid, these dirty cops do it for free. You can’t even call them prostitutes since prostitutes provide a service.

The problem with this scandal it is too easy to understand and everyone knows Senile Joe is not sharp enough to hide it. Oh, he may scold a dirty cop for axing him a question but that tape of him withholding the Billion until the guy is fired while his son is being paid millions by the company he was investigating is not too hard to understand. So, America knows they were getting paid and why, so it is no stretch to understand if you are being bribed for one thing you brag about you are probably getting bribed for others too. Even Humpty Dumpty’s men cannot keep that together.

It is really fun watching these corrupt networks try to tell you it is sunny outside while they are soaked to the bone reporting it. Of course, the Russians made those 30,000 emails and documents and Hillary has never taken a dollar either. Their schtick is getting old and tired and with the internet the truth may take a few more clicks but it is a couple seconds away or you can turn into Fox and get the other side of the story and decide who is telling the truth.

The final good fortune for Trump is the replacement of RBG, the saint of the left. Right when it is likely there are going to be all sorts of rulings on attempted voter fraud by certain Governors like CA and MI, he gets an extra Justice to follow the Constitution. You cannot change Federal election laws with your state in a Federal election and there are going to be numerous rulings on just that. You can already hear rumblings of he is not a legitimate President and that will be amplified after the Red Wave hits.

What we are seeing on the street in our tiny area is everyone is voting. The Dems certainly turned out, but they appear to be catchable since there are some real issues with their tried and true after the fires and virus. The sleeping giant appears to be awake, but you do not want to raise your voice too loud with the violence around Portland. No telling if they are getting the numbers they need or if Dems are staying with their communist ideals? In the end you can only affect your own neighborhood and if everyone does that, they can change the larger state and country.

With all the good fortune President Trump has you would almost believe God is really in control, not the GOP or DNC or even China, it is God. Stay with the prayers fervently and continuously that the stumbling blocks continue for the enemies.

This one is for the survival of America and freedom which nobody can argue. This is MAGAA or Burn America Down and nobody is making any qualms about it, they despise this country and want it destroyed. You will lose your house and car as they institute draconian regulations on energy and freedom, this is the choice. History has shown once you give up your freedom you will never get it back.

Hate can only take you so far and soon you run out of haters. This is what this election is about and where it will be won. If you are in the GOTV campaign get your lists for your town or neighborhood of those who have not voted or committed to voting and chase down the last few. You will be out there alone as the other side is not out there and have handcuffed themselves with masks and distancing. They will not use cars to chase these final voters which even magnifies your advantage.

My prediction is Trump will keep the states he had last time and add MN, NM and NV to those with the long shots of OR and NJ joining them which should be around 345 EV. Donald J Trump is the luckiest man on the planet or maybe God is watching over America still.

Pray for the harvest.

Saturbray @

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