Continue to Fight for President Trump

For the past 12 years I have seen decent Republicans be maligned by Democrats (mostly lies) lose primaries and elections and people on FR spout the reasons for the loss using the same talking points as democrats, or saying they were bad candidates for whatever reason (weak, no ground game whatever)

So here we have a man who, despite his imperfections, has done what he said he would do, given the constraints of a democrat House. Has endured every imaginable attack of the liberals and media and shown them to be frauds. Who has the most enthusiastic support of any president in my lifetime. Who worked harder than what seemed humanly possible. Who got out the vote. Who restored American faith in the greatness of what America was and could be again. He managed to bring unions,wealthy, blue collar workers and minorities into the fold with the highest Hispanic and black vote ever. Who did all this for free, just because he loves America. No ulterior motive, not being bought by any special interest…

What more can any human do?

If a man like this, who has done everything we have asked of him, cannot get a fair vote in our country, then our country is done.

He has poured his heart and soul into us and the least we can do is fight for him. This is it. No bowing out. No regrouping. No giving in to the democrat fraud machine. This man fought for us, and we need to stand up and fight for him.

Li’l Farmer

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