Class Conflict Will Cripple the Democrats

In the midst of the post-election chaos a long-time acquaintance, who is a robotic Democrat voter, texted me “With Biden the violence and riots in the streets of the big cities will stop.  That is why he needs to win.”  

I texted back:

“Not so fast my friend.  If Biden wins, within six to twelve months the riots will get worse and more violent.  Which is among the primary reasons why Trump must leave no stone unturned in contesting the election.  Besides if the Biden cabal steals the election, Trump must make certain the American people know the full extent of the fraud.  The Biden presidency must begin with a dark cloud hanging over it after what Trump and his 70+ million supporters have endured for the past four years including the 2020 election.”

If Biden were to prevail and be sworn in as President on January 20, 2021, it will be solely due to his party executing the greatest fraud in American political history, along with considerable help.  The Democrats’ co-conspirators in the Ruling Class provide financial and media collaboration, while the radical American left, with their organizing ability and willingness to unabashedly break election laws to justify the ends, provide the muscle.

Saturday night, after the media proclaimed that Biden was elected, demonstrators in the nation’s capital chanted “Burn it down!”

Joe Biden would not have any national mandate nor the support of the bulk of the citizenry.  Due to his cognitive decline and inability to viscerally connect with the people, he will not be able to unite the nation behind him on any issue.  Thus, he would be, in effect, the prisoner of and a foil for those responsible for carrying him over the finish line: The Ruling Class and the American left

Never in American political history have two more polar opposite factions combined to dominate a political party.  There is but one common factor between them: the determination, by any means possible, to defeat Donald Trump and his populist/nationalist movement, which is transforming the once moribund Republican Party into the home of the working/middle class at the expense of the Democrat party and the Ruling Class.  

All political parties are made up of various factions.  Under ordinary circumstances there is more commonality among them than a visceral hatred of an opposition political leader, so that when the time comes for their policies to be enacted or interests to be satisfied, all the factions can more easily compromise about their goals.   However, there is virtually no commonality between the Ruling Class, who wants to maintain their power, and the radical American Left, which wants to not only transform the country but overthrow the Ruling Class.

How is this marriage of convenience going to play out if Donald Trump is no longer the raison d’etre for this alliance and the Republicans control the Senate and the Democrat majority in the House hangs by a thread?  The supposedly joyous demonstrations staged by the left in multiple cities, triggered by the media’s premeditated and premature announcement on November 7th that Biden had won the election, reveals that the left, as a full partner, expects not only to have the vast bulk of their agenda enacted but to also have an equal, even primary, seat at the table of power.

However, it is a foregone conclusion that the Ruling Class, in particular the moneyed interests of Wall Street and multi-national corporations as well as the Deep State and media conglomerates, will control a senescent and passive Joe Biden and will determine what is enacted by the two houses of Congress.  Certain to not be among them, amid many items on the left’s wish list, are the “Green New Deal,” “Medicare for All,” massive tax increases and fully subsidized college educations for all.

Other than a few symbolic crumbs, the proponents of Democratic Socialism will see nothing on their ambitious wish list enacted.   They will be also frozen out of any meaningful positions of power and influence in the Administration or Congress.

After being embraced as an equal partner in the effort to oust President Trump and performing their assigned tasks in the election fraud, these naïve brainwashed idealists will be left out in the cold.  Only then will they realize that they have been used by those same people they willingly joined and previously despised.   

However, by allying themselves with the radical progressives in this venture, the Ruling Class has given the American left one thing they have been unable, after nearly 80+ years, to accomplish on their own: status and recognition as an equal in the political arena.  As such, it is inevitable that the anger of the foot soldiers of the left at being a foil for their arch-enemy will boil over.   The leadership of the left will have to endorse their militant faction’s determination to take to the streets in even greater numbers to riot and foment violence at a future pretense of police brutality.  They will demand their agenda be enacted as they focus their unbridled rage on their former ally.

How will Biden, the Democrat party establishment and the Ruling Class react to this threat?  After spending the spring and summer of 2020 tacitly, by their silence, sanctioning violence and looting, thus cementing the alliance and emboldening the left, this cabal is in no position to forcefully put down future rioting without triggering potential bloodshed.  Nor can they acquiesce to the left’s demands as they would, in essence, be cutting their own throats.  In due course this nation will be embroiled in near uncontrollable chaos.

There is not sufficient scorn to heap upon the self-centered megalomaniacal fools in the Democrat party and a purportedly elite Ruling Class.  They have not only orchestrated a potentially stolen national election and destroyed the people’s faith in the electoral process, they have unleashed the rabid dogs of the left into the mainstream of American politics.  They may have referred to those in fly-over country as deplorables, but this cabal can only be referred to as the despicables.

The Ruling Class and its appendages, the mainstream media, tech billionaires, Wall Street, the Deep State, Hollywood and government bureaucrats, will gloat in what may well be a successful effort to oust the most accomplished and most politically transformative one term president since Abraham Lincoln.  But by doing so and elevating the radical left they have set in motion events that will eventually spiral out of their control.

Steve McCann

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