Hitting the RESET Button on Our Freedom

You notice how the politicians keep bragging about a “reset”? They mean to RESET us. As if we’re inanimate objects. As if we’re buttons to be pressed, with no minds, no will and certainly no rights of our own. It’s sick, it’s evil and — if you refuse to fight it — you will pay the price of all prior people who have relinquished their bodies and souls to brutes and tyrants.

Throughout its history, America has faced many deadly external enemies. But the most dangerous today, by far, are inside our country. Even if there was no evidence of massive election fraud, their open intentions of turning the United States into a totalitarian regime devoid of economic freedom, individual rights and rule of law would be enough to treat them as actual enemies. If you value your liberty, these individuals are every bit as bad as any external enemy ever encountered by this country.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

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