MAGA News 2020

We, as part of Trump’s 74 million supporters — know that our political opponents are willing to spy, fund and fabricate a dossier, push a “collusion” hoax, run a “resistance” campaign throughout the federal government, manufacture an impeachment, use tech corporations to censor legitimate news about Biden family corruption, and lie about Trump’s standing with American voters through propaganda polls — now have a pretty good idea that election fraud is well within the realm of possibility. That would be true even if Democrats hadn’t spent much of the year working to ensure lowered scrutiny of mail-in ballots, which everyone knows are more susceptible to fraud than other ballots.

As Trump and many of his 74 million voters express concern about the security of the 2020 election, in which many states rushed to expand mail-in balloting while dramatically lowering scrutiny of mail-in ballots, many media figures have condemned their efforts to litigate the results. 

Of course, candidates routinely go to court in election disputes, including presidential candidates in 2000, 2004, and 2016.

President Trump’s legal team presented many pieces of information about the election that deserve to be investigated.

We know that the rules were changed to make verification of mail-in ballots less verifiable.

We know that the counting has been essentially blocked in some towns in violation of the law.

We know that election officials in some states are violating laws, but laws aren’t important as long as the media’s chosen one is ahead.

We know that Biden only outperformed Hillary in four cities: Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, not the nation as a whole. We also know about overvotes in cities, that is, more votes than registered voters.

We know that Dominion, the software provider in many states is completely unreliable.

But the media has no interest in that.

Instead, they essentially black out the news and ask Trump to concede so they can crown their chosen king. And worst of all, they continue to falsely claim there is no evidence of fraud.

The same supposed journalists that say Trump is destroying democracy by challenging election results are the ones that claimed Trump was an illegitimate president for four years. Regurgitated the Russian collusion lie for years with zero evidence. Called Trump a liar for saying that the Obama administration spied on his team when it is clearly true. Used liars and criminals like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Jim Clapper and John Brennan to attack Trump with known lies.

No conspiracy theory has damaged the country as much as the Russiagate hoax that has been endlessly repeated every day of the last four years.

While there is no evidence in support of the claim of treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, and in fact not a single American was found to have colluded, it was pushed so relentlessly by liberals that 81% of liberals actually believe it was true!

What Democrats and their media servants put Trump and us as Republican voters through these last four years was truly horrific.

They willingly spread the lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville and spread the lie that Trump had not denounced radical white supremacists.

Along with other Democrats, called Trump and his supporters racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, and every other name in the book as they bragged that Trump was divisive and continually say they are for unity. Looked the other way concerning all the kickbacks to the Clinton and Biden families from foreign sources and never cared about the women the Clintons and Biden were accused of abusing. The women were expendable.

Continually lie that Trump never cared about the coronavirus, and never did anything about it; didn’t care about the people dying, and falsely blamed him for all deaths related to COVID. 

If it takes a few weeks for these 74 million voters and their elected representatives to see if they can learn anything about election integrity and whether this election had it, the people who put them through four years of claims about “illegitimacy” can go ahead and sit down and wait.

The biggest threat to our democracy, freedom and prosperity is a sycophant media that campaigns for one party and seeks to destroy the other. It is absolutely not a threat to our democracy for anyone to challenge the results in an election especially when there are so many questions.

But what do you think, dear reader,

Is there any other greater threat to democracy than the collusion of liberal media and Big Tech?

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